Saturday, March 28, 2009

Opening day of Little League.

Beginnings are WONDERFUL things.

Diamond Backs float for the parade

Holding his sign
Coaches meeting before the game
A little coaching advice from daddy
Skipper and Carter watching Drake

Carter sharing with Blake

Drake with Nanny, DEDE, and Skipper at his 1st game.

Drake started this year with Lamar Little League, and he is playing Machine Pitch A. Our friend Jeff Beheler is the Manager of the team and Jess is helping coach. At first Jess was hesitant, but I told him he should try it, and he told me the other night it was the best decision he has made, and is truly enjoying coaching Drake's team. Drake loves having him out there with him. And Carter and I get to cheer on the sidelines.. We are his cheering team.

Today was Opening Ceremonies for Lamar Little League. It was a LONG and Exhausting day but so worth it. It started with the parade to the park at 8:30, but first we had to be there at 8:00. The float turned out wonderful. Our team Manager Jeff Beheler and his wife Lauren got to work during spring break after another coach Jimmy cut it out. Then a few of us got together in the rain to finish up painting. It was very frustrating with all the paint running from the rain, and kids running around covered in paint, it was SO worth the faces of the little baseball players when they saw the float. They were all smiles and so proud to ride on the team float. Pictures were taken at 10 and all the boys looked precious, and then it was time to head to the game at 11:45. The boys played so well. Drake was 2 for 2. He started out as pitcher and the first batter that hit, he grabbed the ball and threw it to Reese who was at 1st and the batter was OUT!! Later he played outfield, and backed a few people up. He ended on 1st base. Drake got two outs from there. One was a hustle up and ran back to touch the base, and then the other was thrown to him from the pitcher and he was out. So our big baseball player had a great day. He totally made us proud. Heck the whole team did wonderful.... Jess and I are really looking forward to our first year with Little League and watching our big guy grow.
Beginnings are Wonderful Things!

While thinking about Drake's day today and thinking of all the kids on his team, I started thinking of a little saying out of a Inspirational book that I got from my secret sister in MOPS!
It says:

The miracle of creativity is that each of us brings something beautiful to the world, something no one else has to offer.
These kids are all different; personalities, abilities, lifestyles, but that is what makes our team work. Some may be better than others, and some play hard till the end, some play field better, and some bat better than others, some are the rooters for there team and some are the shy ones and just sit and wait to be talked to, and then we have a few clowns. But coming together to focus on one thing (BASEBALL) with every ones differences is what makes us a TEAM! That team is the DIAMOND BACKS!


Swan Family said...

That is wonderful! How fun for Drake to have his dad has a coach and a friend helping him out! I'm so glad they both enjoy it and it will be fun to see him grow with his friends.

Claire said...

He did look precious Stacey!! I am so glad he is enjoying it...and Jess too. Isn't it fun to watch our boys? So special!! :)