Friday, September 17, 2010

Carter gets his tonsils out.

Carter had his tonsils taken out August 26th. Many warned us that it would take a 'good' two weeks to have the old Carter bug back to normal and I have to agree. During that two weeks we had some good days, but for the most part he was back to his normal self two weeks later.

Carter wasn't having sore throats or any illness problems, but the way his tonsils were growing and the size of them, the doctor suggested we get them taken out while he was young. The doctor said that the tonsils would end up touching and causing many problems in the long run.

We are so proud of our little Patient Carter. He was so brave and wanted to ride the bed into surgery, but coming out was not so much fun. For a good week he would not let me out of his sight and wanted to hold my hand constantly, even when he slept. But honestly he was such a big brave boy. He far exceeded our expectations.