Friday, March 6, 2009

Flash back FRIDAY! (May 2008)

I thought that this would be fun to do. I love looking at old photos, and since I plan on making this a book for my kiddos I thought that it would be great to see some old pictures. You know from before I met the blogging world..

This Friday I decided to grab a few pictures from our trip last summer (May 2008) to San Antonio. This is one of our favorite places to go as a family, and this past year Sara and Jon with their boys went with us. Below is my post from my old MAC blog days that talks about our vacation...

May 8th-11th we spent our time at San Antonio, between the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Sea World. Jess’s brother Jon, wife Sara, and their two sons Trent and Landon, also joined us. We had a great time and relaxed as much as we could with 4 wild boys at our side. It is amazing seeing life through the eyes of our children. Just to hear the screams of excitement as they would see the animals up close and personal. It was well worth the end of the day tantrums that happen occasionally. We had taken advantage of the dine with Shamu program while we were there. The whales swam around right next to us while we dined on, not the best food, but heck what do you expect at a park. The whales allowed us to take some awesome pictures while there trainers worked with them on doing different tricks, I think that for me was my highlight. I think my husband’s and sons favorite part was feeding the dolphins. Ever year I feel like we shell out a ton of money for a few buckets of fish, but I guess it comes to show the things we do for our kids. The boys went nuts when the dolphins swam up to get the fish, and Drake even got to touch his nose a few times. This year we even tried out the Lost Lagoon at Sea World. The second day at Sea World we threw on our suits and headed down to the water area. It was fun, but I think I expected a little more for the younger age kids. Drake loved it, but he is at the age where he can do so much, but Carter spent a lot of time fussing and ended up falling asleep in the stroller. After two hours there and a happy 5 year old we called it the end of Sea World and headed back to the hotel to spend our last afternoon there. Hyatt Hill Country was wonderful as it was last year. They just let this resort be very child friendly. Children running every where and tons to do for the kids. Drake rode the bikes that they have to share, and we got time at the playground. But mostly the kids loved the lazy river. We floated and floated and FLOATED the river. Drake would get his own tube, and Carter would sit with one of us and he was happy as ever. When they got tired of that, which didn’t happen often, they would play in the man made beach. That worked well, Jess and I would grab an adult beverage and watch the kids make sand castle.. AWESOME!!! Sunday we left for home with a few tears from our oldest child who was begging for just one more night. But time to head home and back to the real world. I am already looking forward to next year again at the resort, but it might be a tad bit better, because I promise you that Sara, my sister in law, and I will be at the spa. PARADISE!

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Swan Family said...

So fun! We plan on taking the kids for the first time this summer. I will make sure and call you for tips and do's and dont's before we head out.