Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with Half of the family..

Well Jess and I had a crazy idea to host my (Sliva & Osborne) side of the family here at our home in Sugar Land. Usually we spend Christmas Eve with my Sliva side and then Christmas Day is spent with the Richards, and we miss out on my other side the Osborne side. So we thought why not combine both of my sides of the family and do it lunch on the Sunday before Christmas. So we had everyone bring something, while Jess and I prepared the turkey, ham, and dressing. We had a wonderful turn out, and a great time had by all. It was wonderful to see everyone and celebrate the magic of Christmas, espically with my two grandmothers..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Drake's School Christmas Party.

Drake started Kindergarten this year, so he had his first 'official' school class party. Man has he grown up and as excited as I am for him, their is a bit of sadness. My 1st baby is growing up...
The class had a great party. They made sticker gingerbread houses and decorated cookies. Drake has had a wonderful 1st part of kinder and has an awesome teacher that he loves to see every morning. I thank God for her everyday, because I know she is the perfect teacher for him. She is loving but structured, fun but yet demanding, and understanding, but stern. She is the perfect mesh for him. What a wonderful year we have had and looking forward to what the new year brings.

After the class party we had a little after sugar run party at our house. We had a bounce house and the kids in his class ran off a little sugar. What a fun afternoon we had with his friends from his class and a nice little parent visit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cute Boys, Santa visit, and Build a Bear all in one.

On Sunday after church we headed down to the Galleria for a bit and I thought while we were there we could take the time out to see Santa, boy was I wrong. Me and the whole world had the same plan, so we decided I would take the boys after school one day this week.  Got the boys dressed, and I think they sure looked cute, and headed to our local Sugar Land mall.  We got to have our visit with Santa and the boys let him know the things they really wanted this year.  After that dinner with mall at the food court. Drake think McDonald's' burgers are the best, LOL, so I took advantage of not having to cook. After that we headed to build a bear to build there Christmas Moose. He is precious and light up when you squeeze his hand.  We even added Jingle Bell rock to play on our moose.  Drake really enjoys build a bear, but I think this is the first time Carter really understood. He sat and watched the lady and loves his moose.  

So GREAT Santa visit, no tears, and a wonderful afternoon with mom. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One of my FAVORITE Christmas decorations.

One of my FAVORITE Christmas decorations came from Pottery Barn last year. I looked and looked for a cool way to display my cards I receive at Christmas. I am not a big fan of the ones that hang on the wall, and I just don't want to toss them in a basket. So while browsing all the great sites for holiday decor I came across this tree that you clip your cards too. I am in LOVE!! I think it is AWESOME and I wish they still had it around because so many people ask where I get it.

Carter the Cookie Maker.

Carter and I spent the other day making cookies. Lots of fun, but what a HUGE mess. It sure is crazy when you let a 2 year old make cookies. We had tons of fun, and it was nice to have some special time with my little guy. It seems like Drake and I always do the 'cooking' while Carter is napping, so it was a nice change to do something with him while Drake was at school

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowing in Sugar Land!!

It's Snowing It's Snowing!! So flipping exciting!!
But if you noticed from my previous post yesterday my kiddos are in short sleeves, but today, bundle up baby it is cold outside. Leave it to Texas and our crazy weather, but for the moment we will enjoy. Even though it wasn't enough to make a snowman or heck to cover the ground, it sure was exciting and beautiful to watch.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Train gone BAD!

Usually at Christmas we buy one of the gingerbread kits and put them together. And every year it frustrates me to no end. I can NOT get my pieces to stay up. If any of you guys have any advice on how to make my gingerbread pieces stay up I would be appreciative.
Anyways back to our gingerbread train building. We had fun, a few fights. Drake wanted to build and Carter wanted to eat the candy. But in all it was a fun family project through it does frustrate me to no end, I have bought a house to build later in the week. So Round two we will go and hope the house will NOT fall down, though I know it will.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time at the Richards

Jess and I before his company Christmas Party.

Eddie the Elf

Again this year I participated in the MOMS Club home holiday tour. We went to around 6 houses and saw some awesome Christmas decorations and enjoyed wonderful company of friends. So I thought that I would post some pictures of our home decorated..

Also in the pictures, notice Eddie the Elf. The Elf is from the book, Elf on the Shelf. He came to our house to watch over the boys and fly at night to Santa to let him know if they are being good. Drake named the Elf, and he became our friend from Santa. The boys get so excited to wake ever morning and try to find where Eddie has flown to next.