Friday, March 13, 2009

Drake's Kindergarden Round Up.

You will be seeing a few blogs on rodeo's in the next few days. I am trying to get caught up and we recently attended our rodeo at home, back in Bay City, went to the carnival, and then Carter also had a rodeo day at school. So hopefully I will get all those up by the end of the weekend.

But for now, I would like to share pictures from Drake's Rodeo Round-Up. It was so flippen adorable. They had it schedule for a morning of cowboy fun outside, but the weather stopped it and in the gym it went. One of the teachers stated that this was the first time in 8 years of Campbell being opened that they ever had to do it indoors. So the kids dealt, and the teachers dealt, and they all did an awesome job. The sang the song I'm a Tex and then they house stick horse races. I was so proud of our big boy. He did a great job and some how he ended up on the front row right in the middle, which was perfect for mommy and daddy with the cameras. But Drake was nervous and shy as he always is. So I don't know how much he sang, but he was SOOO CUTE!! My own little Texas Star


Nicole said...

So fun!!!

Swan Family said...

Drake does look a little shy in some of the photos...he also looks like he had a blast!