Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So a beautiful Sunday morning turned into a MESS to say the least.. My neighbor Kim, and I were outside visiting while the kiddos ran around about 11:30. As we were talking I could see some water coming out of the ground next to my lot. Hum I wondered and started to question Kim about what was going on. As we walked closer, Kim turned to me and said "I think we have a problem", boy did we. Drake's answer to the whole situation was "Santa sent us an early Christmas present, a fountain", and a fountain it was that made a TOTAL mess. And the city, HELLO, it took them about 4 hours to show up, and when we asked how long it would take, just a few hours were the response. Finally at 11 pm we got water, and then got to stare at a wonderful mess for a few days. Today the dirt has been leveled and finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a moment of prayer please..

I always wonder why things happen. I know they happen to make us stronger, but at the time it doesn't feel like that. I know there is no answer to the why us, or why them, but I also know it is okay to question. I am one who is questioning tonight why a tragic accident had to happen to my friend Andrea's husband Matt. My heart is breaking for her and her two babies, Jacob and Sydney. He went to work and works with heavy machinery where he was in an accident and killed. I just for one moment can not imagine life with out my husband, but I hope and pray that God gives her the strength to deal, because my friend has a long road ahead.

So to you who reads this, I ask. One moment of good thoughts or a quick prayer for my friend Andrea and her two children Jacob and Sydney.

Friday, November 14, 2008


It's a Beautiful Life!!!
It's a Beautiful World!!

If any of you are TLC freaks like me, you totally know what I am talking about.  It is the new commercial for TLC shows and the Remarriage of Jon and Kate Plus 8 in Hawaii. Yes I am a HUGE fan. HUGE I mean Huge, with that show and Little People Big World, I am addicted to TLC. But every time I see that commercial and song, and I see it a lot, I have to smile and think about my life. I am living a Beautiful Life, and I have fallen in Love not once, twice, but three times. My boys, and Hubby make my life beautiful. I thank them and God for that. 


We got out Thomas the train that Drake man got when he turned 2.  We had packed Thomas up and he lived in the attic for the last few years.  A few weeks ago Carter started banging on the door hollering "CHOO CHOO" I guess some how he saw it in there. So out came Thomas, but sad kid it was, the battery was dead, and I mean unable to charge. So off to Peg Prego .com I went and ordered a new battery. You should of seen baby boy's eyes when Thomas started honking, it was love at first sight.  Carter is having a blast with his new toy, but he has to let big brother have a few turns to, which causes a few break downs.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

YUMMMMO to the Chicken and Dumplings...

I have always slaved over chicken and dumplings in the kitchen. They have always turned out oh so yummy, but the long cooking hours swayed me away from making these a lot. But when I was looking for new recipes to make, my sweet old time friend, Stephanie Graham Warren sent me a recipe for Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings. I was very nervous, but took the plunge. GLAD I DID! Oh so yummy and EASY! Easy, there isn't anything more I could ask for with two young kids and not having the time to cook them homemade, but heck homemade, I could say they were. They were THAT GOOD!! I got to share with my neighbor and my mother in law who is an excellent cook. Both ladies gave them a A PLUS!!! So now friends I am going to pay forward and share with you. ENJOY, you too will be glad you did.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

4 – 6 chicken breast
2 Tbsp butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 packages refrigerated biscuits, torn into pieces

Place chicken, butter, soup, and onion in a slow cooker. Add enough water to cover chicken. Cover, and cook for 4-5 hours on low. Add torn biscuit dough to the slow cooker. Cook until dough is no longer raw about another hour. Total cook time is about 5-6 hours on low.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween is OVER!!!

Yes I am glad it is finally over and now that we are in November I can officially kick the habit of craving CANDY CORN!! I actually ran to a few stores to stock up on candy corn before the end of Halloween night, yes I admit, but after this last bag is gone it is over. Time to face the music of no more candy corn. Plus I am the only 'chocolate' candy eater in our home, so I am about to toss all of that also. Drake doesn't really dig sweets and Carter Bug is more of a skittles, sucker type of guy. But the kids did have a blast getting TONS of candy and enjoyed the night with family and friends. Drake was a Clone Trooper from Star Wars, and Carter made the cutest clown you have ever seen.

A turkey to hide and BONES!!

What more do we need...
Drake had to create a turkey trying to hide from getting butchered for Thanksgiving. We could turn the turkey into anything we wanted and Drake decided on a clown. I cute out the construction paper he wanted, but other than that he did it hisself. I think he did a grand job, even if it took forever and a few tears from Carter since he wanted to help!!

Our cow skull is headed to school today. Drake was aloud to bring something from home today for show and tell since he is super student. It was suppose to fit in his backpack, but the teacher said she would let that slide since she really thought the kids would like it. Last week at school they were learning about the body and bones, so I think the skull will be interesting for the students. Drake was so excited when he got out of the car this morning to show off his cow head.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Field Day!!

Oh do I remember the days of field day at my school growing up.  Bad memories, because I NEVER won anything, LOL, I was so slow. Back then it was all racing games, long jumps, throwing the heavy ball, but now things have changed. And for the better, or so in my opinion.  They had around 3 different games they could play.  Like jumping on the ball, grabbing the pig, Bandanna Pull, Tug of War, Marshmallow shooter, and TONS of others.  It was a fun day and I didn't see any tears because there were no winners, they all had fun.  Everyone had a partner, in Drake's case he had 2 partners and that is who they played the games with and who they ran around with for the morning.  I worked the bandanna pull with another lady so we took turns running after our child for pictures.. And I think Drake got a little tired of my pictures because every time he told me to get back to my game, that I may have kids there waiting to play.. CUTE!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Drake was chosen as the  super student of the class this week.  We are so proud of him and I know he has been working hard to earn the award.  

Over the weekend he got to bring home Mr. Moose, the Scrapbook, and a moose book.  We spent the week documenting with pictures things we got to do with Mr. Moose.  Not only did Drake LOVE having Mr. Moose home, little brother Carter couldn't get his hands on him enough.  We had many fits, because we wouldn't let Carter hog him all the time.  

While we had Mr. Moose, he enjoyed in lots of fun activities.  He got to make Halloween cookies with Nanny.  He got to go trick or treating and also Drake dressed him up with Carter's clown wig.  He was looking cool.  He also had some bonding time with him at night and got to read him some stories.  And to end our time with Mr. Moose, we headed with friends to Dewberry Farms, where he enjoyed lots of fun stuff.  

So we documented it with pictures and made a pretty scrapbook page to add to the class book. We (drake and mommy) made a poster about him.  Things he like to do, his friends, and his family, Oh and he made me add Sandy the new dog.. LOL...  So he got to take the poster to his school and it is on display.  

Tomorrow he gets to take his favorite book, then Wed it is a favorite toy, and Thursday it is favorite animal and ending of Friday with lunch with mom and dad.   I am actually going to lunch on Tuesday with him, so daddy may be going by his self on Friday since I have MOPS.

But I had to post and share this because we are SO PROUD OF HIM!!  So hopefully this week I will update you on our wonderful Halloween Fun and also Drake's Field Day that was lots of fun.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008


It was say NO to DRUGS week at Drake's school this week. Every day they had something to dress up with, and on Tuesday it was slipper day. I ran to Target Monday night, which ended up an ordeal with a flat tire, but low and behold I made it home with slippers, since we had none. Actually I made it home with TWO pairs of slippers, because we are now to the phase of whatever brother has we want.... So here are my cute guys in their slippers....