Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drake starts his adventure in baseball.

He makes us so proud!
Look at Him..

Today was not the big day of games, or the 1st practice with his team, it was just a little Lamar Little League warm up clinic. But boy I don't know who was more excited, Drake or me. One of my loves in Baseball. I have always been a big fan of baseball and when Drake decided to take up the sport this season, I couldn't be more ecstatic. So I am looking forward to a wonderful season with a new sport that mommy loves and hoping that it becomes a sport my son loves as well.

Also I couldn't resist not taking pictures of Drake's first ever time in a baseball outfit even though it is not his uniform. Don't you think he looks precious... And I also wanted to thank daddy for taking Drake to the clinics and working with him. He is planning on Co-Coaching Drake's team, and Drake is so pumped about that.
Carter bug wanted his picture taken so here he is!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's go fly a kite

up to the highest kite, and send it sailing!!- Mary Poppins

Drake has always loved flying kites. Every time he sees someone out flying there kites he is running to get his. So this week had some wind, so when daddy got home on Monday we took off to fly our kite. Carter liked it for about a minute, but after that he was ready to do something else. But D flew and flew and flew, not once did he put his kite down nor was he ready to go home when the dark set in.

Happy Birthday Daddy and Uncle Jon!!


Man have they aged, lol, but for the best.
We, Sara and I, wanted to do something special for the boys for their 35th birthday party. We decided to throw a little surprise party at our home with friends and family in our backyard. We rented a margarita machine, had pappasitas cater, though we did both bake some goodies, and had a fabulous DJ come spin some tunes. A blast was had by all, but another big party can wait till about 40. Humm. We may need to start planning now to step it up a notch because this one was totally rockin'. Thanks friends for making it such a special evening celebration for our boys. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praying for Harper.

Hey guys, friends and prayer warriors, there is special little girl that needs some prayers.  Please take the time to say a little prayer for baby Harper.  I have been reading Kelly's blog daily, praying for her daughter, after seeing it on Katie's blog. This little gal needs everyone on her side, and I know the power of prayer is an AMAZING thing!!! THANKS!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years Eve = Bay House Fun

Sara and Jon and their boys were planning on headed down to the family bay house for New Years. So we decided to join them. When we are all together, it is always a blast. With all the boys there is never a dull moment.. So everyone stocked up on food and drinks, and who can have New Years without FIREWORKS!!! So we got tons of those also. We had a fab time, the boys played till they couldn't play anymore. We all brought down some of the kids Christmas presents outdoor toys and that is where they spent most of their time. Running on the driveway playing cars and trucks, balls, Frisbee and anything else they could get there hands on kept them very busy. We also got in some fishing time and a boat riding outing where we got to get close to the dolphins swimming. We popped TONS of fireworks, and with everyone one my youngest guy Carter would cry like the world was coming to the end and he would tell me he wanted a bath and night night. It was really sad so at the end I gave up and we moved inside. Then he would stand at the window and say 'fireworks, pretty' fireworks bang bang'. I just love that little guy. Drake on the other had couldn't get enough of the fireworks, bottle rocks, black cats, sparklers, he loved it all. He wanted to be in the middle of it, just like his daddy...
So thanks Sara, Jon, Trent, and Landon for spending a wonderful New Years Eve together.. We had a blast and we need to do it more often..:)

Finally a few new PICTURES!

I am being bad and just ready to jump ahead and try not to get behind on my blog again.
I really want to share a few pictures and try to get up to date to now.

Our sweet Sandy girl
Christmas at my In-Laws.
Carter in his new fire truck.

Drake on his top best gift. His electric scooter.. He Begged and Begged Santa for that.
Carter on his favorite toy the Radio Flyer Horse. This is a huge hit, everyone wants to ride. Even I have a few times.

Before bed, cookies for Santa
Leaving for Christmas Eve Service

Throwing down their reindeer food.

Making Cookies for Santa, well more like Carter eating the dough for Santa's cookies.

Helping mommy bake for Christmas morning. They were mad because daddy said it was BEDTIME and they wanted to stay and help..