Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woodland Texas Fun.

We loaded up the kids and headed over to the Woodlands for the day. Jess had eaten there that week with a coworker and said we needed to take the boys, they would have a ball. Did they ever. We ate lunch at the Tommy Bahama store, which by the way had an awesome salad with chicken and apples. After lunch the boys and I walked over to the splash area outside of the store so daddy could shop. The kids had a blast running around and playing in the water and daddy and mommy took turns going into different shops. The Woodlands is beautiful and if it wasn't so far away from Jess's office, I may consider moving.

After we got home we headed to our friends the Oneal's and had a fun afternoon and evening with friends swimming. Drake is a wonderful swimmer, we don't have to worry much about him, but we did learn while we were there that Carter LOVES the water and diving in. We knew he loves to be in the water but his new thing is to jump in the water without us. We will definitely be keeping an eye on him this summer.

The Boys also got to meet Baby Charlie while at the Oneal's. Our friends Jennifer and Jason Ford had there third little boy and he is adorable. At first Carter didn't like him much, but I let him get in my lap and hold him and he was sold.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to our home- Boy's Bedrooms.

This week at Kelly's Korner, show us where you live, is Children's Rooms.
These are two of my FAVORITE rooms in our house. I had a lady come in and paint in my children's room, I could sit in these rooms for hours and just stare.
Drake's room is a fishing room. The boat on the wall is our family offshore fishing boat, HYDROCARBON. My big guy loves to fish and when we bought this house I asked him what he wanted his room to be done in. At the old house it was a cowboy room, this time he wanted a fishing room. The little hippos on Drake's bed, or as he calls it his googee's, have been with him since he was a baby, and even at 6 he still sleeps with them every night.

Carter's room is just SWEET and little baby. I love this room and I never want him to grow up. Heck I think I may move him into Drake's bunk beds so that I can leave his room as a nursery. He is 2 and such a good baby bed sleeper, I hope I just didn't jinx that. Both of my boys bedding's came from Pottery Barn kids. I love that place.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elmo soap is so much fun!

The kids love to play with ELMO soap. The only problem is they each grab a bottle and finish it that night. They love to make a mess and play with ELMO soap. If your child every needs something to do, throw them in the bath or shower with a bottle of ELMO soap. They will have a blast, I PROMISE!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial weekend was had by all.

We always go down to the Bay for Memorial Day weekend. The whole family is there and tons of fun is had by all. We swim, boat, run, play, eat, and just spend time together as a family. This is one weekend I do not ever want to give up. So many fun memories are had by all. And you know this mom, I always have a camera in hand so I took TONS of pictures but I love them all. Shows the fun we truly had this weekend..

Riding the small 4 wheeler at the bay

A boy and his dog, so precious

Mommies BOYS

Night Fishing

D Fishing

Carter trying to figure out how to fish.

Carter going to check on Drake

The Boys ready to go swimming

Do I have to wear this hat?

Carter going down our water slide. He loved it and didn't want to stop.

And Drake being a dare devil, giving the slide a BIG JUMP.

The race is on.

Loves to be on the pier, doing anything.

Three boys playing in the pool. The boys (all 4) loved to swim in the pool on the deck. We spent many of hours on the deck running around and swimming.


Mommies and BOYS

They were both concerned about Trent's splinter in his foot. DR. Carter.

Drake on the tower of our boat, HYDROCARBON.

Sara brought a lawnmower bubbly blower, Carter loved it.

Drake even enjoyed some bubbles.


Trent and Drake watching TV on Hydrocarbon.

Jess was out fishing offshore, so Sara and I took the oldest boys fishing during nap time. Drake caught two fish and mommy had to somehow get them off the hook. Pliers came in handy. I was so proud that some how I got them off and didn't scream too much. I LOVE to fish, but not enjoy taking them off the line.

Our 2nd fish.

Pool buddies.

Mommy get soaked by Drake Man.

More snow cones.

This sand castle was made to honor the men of the arm forces.. AMAZING!!! This totally took my breath away. Drake wasn't too excited to see a sand castle, but when we pulled up he told me that he was so glad he came. He thought it was too cool and couldn't believe that it was made out of sand.

My Big Guy.

We deflated the pool at the end of the day, but the boys had fun riding their bikes through the water and sliding on the deflated pool.

We got to end the day with not ONE but TWO rainbows. I went outside to take a picture and the guy next door said that this was the most beautiful rainbow he has ever seen. I have to agree with him.

And then two munchies in the bed that end our day. I LOVE THESE BOYS!