Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So a beautiful Sunday morning turned into a MESS to say the least.. My neighbor Kim, and I were outside visiting while the kiddos ran around about 11:30. As we were talking I could see some water coming out of the ground next to my lot. Hum I wondered and started to question Kim about what was going on. As we walked closer, Kim turned to me and said "I think we have a problem", boy did we. Drake's answer to the whole situation was "Santa sent us an early Christmas present, a fountain", and a fountain it was that made a TOTAL mess. And the city, HELLO, it took them about 4 hours to show up, and when we asked how long it would take, just a few hours were the response. Finally at 11 pm we got water, and then got to stare at a wonderful mess for a few days. Today the dirt has been leveled and finally light at the end of the tunnel.


Cammie said...

That sucks Stace....oh, and Im going to tell you the same thing I told Amy L....add me to your blog roll darnit!!! heehee

Jennifer said...

Eek, that didn't sound fun. BTW, the dumpling recipe was awesome. Hope to see you tonight, but if not have a great trip to WDW!

Sarah said...

That stinks!

I bought all the ingredients for the dumpling recipe, then I lost the recipe! I'm off to copy it again!