Monday, November 3, 2008


Drake was chosen as the  super student of the class this week.  We are so proud of him and I know he has been working hard to earn the award.  

Over the weekend he got to bring home Mr. Moose, the Scrapbook, and a moose book.  We spent the week documenting with pictures things we got to do with Mr. Moose.  Not only did Drake LOVE having Mr. Moose home, little brother Carter couldn't get his hands on him enough.  We had many fits, because we wouldn't let Carter hog him all the time.  

While we had Mr. Moose, he enjoyed in lots of fun activities.  He got to make Halloween cookies with Nanny.  He got to go trick or treating and also Drake dressed him up with Carter's clown wig.  He was looking cool.  He also had some bonding time with him at night and got to read him some stories.  And to end our time with Mr. Moose, we headed with friends to Dewberry Farms, where he enjoyed lots of fun stuff.  

So we documented it with pictures and made a pretty scrapbook page to add to the class book. We (drake and mommy) made a poster about him.  Things he like to do, his friends, and his family, Oh and he made me add Sandy the new dog.. LOL...  So he got to take the poster to his school and it is on display.  

Tomorrow he gets to take his favorite book, then Wed it is a favorite toy, and Thursday it is favorite animal and ending of Friday with lunch with mom and dad.   I am actually going to lunch on Tuesday with him, so daddy may be going by his self on Friday since I have MOPS.

But I had to post and share this because we are SO PROUD OF HIM!!  So hopefully this week I will update you on our wonderful Halloween Fun and also Drake's Field Day that was lots of fun.  

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Jennifer said...

What a fun week to have Mr. Moose! Congrats Drake!