Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a moment of prayer please..

I always wonder why things happen. I know they happen to make us stronger, but at the time it doesn't feel like that. I know there is no answer to the why us, or why them, but I also know it is okay to question. I am one who is questioning tonight why a tragic accident had to happen to my friend Andrea's husband Matt. My heart is breaking for her and her two babies, Jacob and Sydney. He went to work and works with heavy machinery where he was in an accident and killed. I just for one moment can not imagine life with out my husband, but I hope and pray that God gives her the strength to deal, because my friend has a long road ahead.

So to you who reads this, I ask. One moment of good thoughts or a quick prayer for my friend Andrea and her two children Jacob and Sydney.


Jennifer said...

Done. A Dad is one thing. A husband is truly another. I am so sorry.

Swan Family said...

Right there with Jennifer! I will be praying for them. I am so sorry.

The Gumdrop Tree said...

We are all praying. Thanks for such a nice post. I came here right after I posted on my blog too... this is so hard. ((hugs))