Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Field Day!!

Oh do I remember the days of field day at my school growing up.  Bad memories, because I NEVER won anything, LOL, I was so slow. Back then it was all racing games, long jumps, throwing the heavy ball, but now things have changed. And for the better, or so in my opinion.  They had around 3 different games they could play.  Like jumping on the ball, grabbing the pig, Bandanna Pull, Tug of War, Marshmallow shooter, and TONS of others.  It was a fun day and I didn't see any tears because there were no winners, they all had fun.  Everyone had a partner, in Drake's case he had 2 partners and that is who they played the games with and who they ran around with for the morning.  I worked the bandanna pull with another lady so we took turns running after our child for pictures.. And I think Drake got a little tired of my pictures because every time he told me to get back to my game, that I may have kids there waiting to play.. CUTE!

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