Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween is OVER!!!

Yes I am glad it is finally over and now that we are in November I can officially kick the habit of craving CANDY CORN!! I actually ran to a few stores to stock up on candy corn before the end of Halloween night, yes I admit, but after this last bag is gone it is over. Time to face the music of no more candy corn. Plus I am the only 'chocolate' candy eater in our home, so I am about to toss all of that also. Drake doesn't really dig sweets and Carter Bug is more of a skittles, sucker type of guy. But the kids did have a blast getting TONS of candy and enjoyed the night with family and friends. Drake was a Clone Trooper from Star Wars, and Carter made the cutest clown you have ever seen.


Swan Family said...

The boys look so sweet and precious! I glad you all had a great night. I have you agree with you on the chocolate...I love it also!!!

Sarah said...

Just caught up on the last few posts - great pictures!! That school project of Drake's looks great!