Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Starts- Sunday Rodeo fun!!

We played a TON of games~~
Roller coaster
They were in the 1st car.

Some of their big winnings through out the day.
Blue Ice Cream saved the melt down when he did not get to ride the below with Daddy since he was too little..
Daddy and Drake on the Crazy Mouse
Slide Fun with Mommy!
Pig Races.. I think we were the only ones going for the Aggie pig and he WON!

Stroller built for TWO!! or should I say TWO TIRED BOYS!

We had a blast on Sunday for a few hours at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We got there at 10:00 am when it opened and it was AWESOME!! There were no lines, no crowds, just us and a few others to ride a ton of rides.. Both boys had a few little sad moments, Carter couldn't ride a few 'big' rides that Drake and Daddy got to go on, and Drake didn't win a few games. It is amazing how different my boys are, even though they are cut from the same mold. Drake is my carnival game guy, he could play those games all day long, and Carter he wants to ride every ride he can and then do it again. We tried to play in the middle so everyone was happy for the most part. We had TONS of junk food, watched the pig races, and even ran into a few of our friends.. Everyone in our neighborhood had the same idea for Sunday. Around 2:00 the outside starting getting packed so we took a stroll inside to see the animals. We showed the boys the lambs and explained how both daddy and I raised lambs when we turned 8 up until high school. It is amazing how now we have 2 kids together, but 25 years ago we were in the arena showing lambs against each other in Bay City. MEMORIES!! We had a great day and it ended with two tired boys around 3:30. A blast was certainly had by the Richards Family.

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