Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out!

Well Lamar Little League has officially started. Our evenings as we use to know it are GONE! With Little League we have something three nights a week, and now that Carter will be starting TBALL, every night will be something, plus Saturdays. But it works for us and we love it.

Saturday was Opening Day for Lamar. It started with an early morning parade for the boys. Carter even rode this year, but he wanted to ride in the truck and wave from there. And then opening ceremonies at the center field. Then we stayed around to watch a game and headed home to get fully dressed for pictures. After pictures we got to jump, they have bounce house out there, and then watched a few other games before heading over to play ours. The boys played great. This year things have changed as we are playing Machine Double A. Faster ball, hard ball, and 3 strikes. They use to get 6 balls and could swing every time, but this time they get 6 balls or 3 strikes, whatever comes first. Each time Drake hit, but it was on that last strike, which made me one nervous mom.

Carter had a blast running around and playing with his buddies. He had tons of ice cream and Icee's. As we left the park he was crying for more ice cream. He was so tired and oh so sticky. They both climbed into the bath when we got home and I was amazed how black the water was we had to refill it. Dirty boys equal a fun day. Glad opening day is over..... Let the games begin.

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