Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Monday- Horse Party

My cousin Stefanie had bought a 'horse party' at their church auction. She scheduled it for Monday of spring break and asked us to come and play with them. Carter and I were very excited about going out and see the horses, but Drake on the other hand was nervous. When I told him to grab the bike helmets he started questioning the idea of horse back riding. He asked if Carter could go first and then decide if he wanted to do it. He really thought that I was going to put him in an arena on top of a horse and let him go. Once he found out that someone was going to be walking the horse as they rode, he decided he wanted to do it. The boys sure loved it and asked me if we could talk daddy into getting a horse at the farm. I would sure LOVE that, I have a love of horses, but honestly it is a lot of work to keep up with one. After they road for 30 minutes, that got to learn about to stables and got to feed the horses carrots. We rode on a hay ride around the place and settled back in the party room for lunch. We had a wonderful day. We are sure glad that Stefanie and her girls invited us, we really had a great time.

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