Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboy Drake

Drake's Class with Ms. P his teacher

Doing the Chicken Dance

Drake with buddies Jackson and Xavier
Roping that Bull

The Clothespin toss into the boot..
He was the Big Winner!!

They had an obstacle course where the had to rope a horse at the end.
They ended they day with a story by the 'campfire'

Drake had a wonderful day at his Cowboy Ranch in 1st grade. It all started off at lunch, mommy and a few other moms got to cook hot dogs for the students. Drake's favorite meal was a great way to start off lunch. After that they got to have different ranching games. Drake's class started with an obstacle course. You had to wake up to the rooster, grab some eggs, fix a house, haul some hay, put the pigs in the pin and rope a horse. After that they went over to roping a bull. And then they did the clothespin toss. Drake was the big winner, because he got the most clothespins in the boot from a far distance. They did the chicken dance and that was funny. At first the boys wouldn't really participate, but then Ms. P decided to do a boys against girls chicken dance competition. The boys really got in to it and did a wonderful job. Drake said I couldn't show anyone the pictures of him doing the chicken dance, but it was too cute not to share. The day finally wrapped up with a story by the campfire read by his classmate, Kate's, mom. The kids were adorable all geared up in their 'YeeHaw' clothes I was so glad I got to spend the day up at the school with my biggest cowboy!!

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