Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner Tonight!!

This week Jess is in Canada till Thursday so I thought that it would be kids dinner week. Usually I let them choose one meal a week, but this is their whole week of choice. Tonight we started it off with breakfast for dinner. French toast, sausage, and bacon. I actually had to call Jess to get the goods on how to make french toast and tweaked it to what I thought was better. Usually on Sunday when we are not rushing to church or on Saturday when we are actually home and no baseball, we have a yummy breakfast of french toast made by him. So I had no clue what I was doing.. I just knew that it ended in powdered sugar. THEY LOVED IT!!!! Drake had 5 slices, yep he must be growing, because he ate a TON! Carter also was a big eater with 3 slices and 6 pieces of bacon and they both put away a ton of sausage.. Drake said daddy needed to travel more because we never have dinners like this.. I guess it may need to be our thing once a month yummy breakfast. But I can honestly say it made a HUGE mess and they went straight in for a bath. And that bath lasted 45 minutes.. Waterlogged boys and a clean kitchen, now it is time for bed...

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