Saturday, October 4, 2008


We are in another season of soccer and enjoying it as much as the first time we have ever played. I am one of those soccer moms, you know the yeller, but I yell for all the kids.. I think they like to hear that they have fans on the side lines.  But I must admit there are times when Drake will ask me not to yell as loud, lol, but yep I would make you a proud soccer mom.   But really who makes us proud is Drake, he loves soccer and he plays hard.  He focuses on the ball and plays his little heart out. One thing about Drake is that he is pretty shy and doesn't want a lot of attention on him, so every time he scores a goal that head goes down with a big embarrassed look. It doesn't matter if he scores one goal or 10, it happens each time. So cute, it is what makes Drake Drake.  He is so proud, but isn't one to boost his win.

 We have the same coach, coach Jason, who has coached us since we were 3.  He has done a great job with all the kids, I hate to think what will happen when we have to move to an all boy team, because at the moment we are COED and he has a daughter, that rocks, and he will go and coach the all girl team.  I guess we will have to start looking for a new coach next year.  But I don't what to think about changed when at the moment we have the best coach for our kids..

It has been amazing watching Drake listen to the coach and works as a team through the years. We are some proud parents of our boy....

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