Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rice Festival Parade and Carnival

Today the Richards Clan enjoyed the Rice Festival Parade and Carnival in Bay City.  The Rice Festival brought many smiles to my face as a child and many more today seeing my children's excitement today.  We joined family and friends in Bay City to enjoy a day of much needed fun after all the sickness that has gone through our home lately.  

Dede and her boys

Mimi B, Nanny, Steelie, and Stefanie

We met up with my mom and grandmother, great-grand Mimi B as the boys call her for an early morning at the parade.  As we were headed there Drake said, "Mom I can't believe I have never been to a parade before" hello bad parents. We need to get out more and let the children enjoy. Drake loved it and Carter didn't move much.  Between the fire trucks, High-motors, as Drake use to call motorcycles when he was young, and cheerleaders they LOVED IT!!!

We had lunch with mom, mimi B, Stefanie (cousin), her two girls Marlie and Steelie, Nanny (Stef's mom) and our family friend Trudy.  Lunch was rushed, because the two oldest were ready to go, and Carter kept on and on about "I ride CHOO CHOO"

All the kids loved the rides.  Carter was a little upset because he couldn't ride much, but he had TONS of turns on the Carousel.  He even met a little buddy, don't know his name, riding the cars because Drake was to busy playing the games.  Carter is a ride lover, and Drake is ALL ABOUT the games.  He could play all day long if you let him.  I think we came home with 4 large dogs, 2 baby dogs, and a bat. A bunch of junk to clutter my house. One by one it will make it's exit LOL!!

Do you see me????

This is Marlie, she was so excited  she just beat her mommy at a game..
This is Steelie.. Isn't she precious..  

Marlie and Steelie have a special place in my heart. They are my cousins Stefanie's daughters and we love to be around them.  They moved to Sugar Land, into our neighborhood and we Love it..  We are having so much fun spending time together, husbands, kids, and all..

Also in the post I would to add a little thank you message: 
THANKS DEDE and NANNY for helping us out with the kids today.  There would of been no way we would of had so much fun without you guys there.  

We had a WONDERFUL day.. Just a day with me and my boys, oh and a little bit of family...

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