Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And the curls are GONE!!

Well for the most part!!!

Carter got his first hair cut today, no longer is he a baby with curls, he is a BIG BOY!!  The lady that cut his hair was cute and said she couldn't cut it too short, because she wanted it some what curly.  He looks cute, but not the same.  He is totally growing up too fast in front of our eyes. Drake was so funny when he walked in from school and saw Carter, he said, "who is that big boy with a new hair cut." AWWW those boys melt my heart..


Kelly Syferd said...

Aww, So handsome!

Sarah said...

So handsome!
He looks like such a big boy!

Jennifer said...

Cute kids!!! Loving the hair cut comment from big brother. I just found your blog from Claire's post on your facebook. I helped Claire set up her blog last night. Mine is Glad I get to keep up with you now!