Thursday, October 16, 2008


Right now are life is ALL about BREATHING TREATMENTS!!!
I am so ready for my kiddos to get back to healthy and move on.  First it is the stomach virus for a WHOLE week after IKE.  Some how Drake managed not to catch it, thank heavens for that. But the rest of us suffered for a week.  The only good thing out of catching that was losing a few pounds, but LOL, those pounds are already back on.... So that was what, three weeks ago.....

So now, this past Friday rolls around and Carter is a wee bit warm, go on with the day, Saturday, temp still up and FUSSY!! Sunday, temp down, yeah for a minute, but NO, after nap it is back up and HIGH 102.5. Monday we head in to see our AMAZING pediatrician Dr. D.  So we listen to the lungs and she was not happy and sent us over to Methodist for a pneumonia chest xray.  Go back and visit her after and that stat report said no pneumonia, but still developing. So we go on antibiotic and every 4 hour breathing treatments.  On Tuesday morning Dr. D calls back and said yes there are some hazy spots and that she wants to follow up as pneumonia and continuing our meds and treatments.. So off Carter goes, hating the treatments and shaking his head after the nasty medicine.. Carter says YUCK!

So this leads us to today, Thursday. Drake wakes up and says he can't go to school that his tummy hurts, and he asks what happens if he stays home.  I respond with you stay in bed all day and rest.  Drake- no nintendo DS or Wii, Me- nope, you just rest.  Drake- Well Kyle got to play his when he was home sick, (this is one of his best bud) Me- This mommy says bed and rest.  So off to school he went, but I did tell him that if he felt really bad they would send him to the nurses office and call me. Honestly I was thinking he would get with all of his friends, and NO PROBLEM, wants to stay at play.  Nope 10:35 my cell rings, it is the nurse, he was with her complaining that his back hurts and he was really upset, but no fever.  So as I drove to get him I called Dr. D and they said to bring him right in they had an opening.  Grab Drake and off to the doc.  He gets weighed 50 pounds and temp 99.8 which is higher than earlier. Hummm I start to question....  Dr. D looks at him and at first didn't think anything, but Drake then started explaining the pain was up in the back between the shoulders. Dr. D said she was listening low and moved it up, and Low and behold his lungs are so tight that when he breaths it is hurting him in the back.  So now my big guy has also moved to the world of antibiotic and breathing treatments.  And now as of this evening he has a temperature of 102.5..  

We are hoping to get well by Saturday so we can head to Bay City for the Rice Festival parade and carnival.  

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