Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This year I decided to enroll Carter in a play class at Gymboree.  I had ALWAYS wanted to do it with Drake, but I worked through the year and had one month off in the summer so it never worked.  So I jumped in with Carter and off we went.. Plus two of my best buds are in the class so they helped talk me into it.  At first I was like ok this is kinda gay, but hello being degreed in Early Childhood, I jumped right in with the singing and dance, and the more I played the more Carter joined in and Laughed.  To say the least he loves Gymboree!!  When we pull up to the place, he starts clamping and going nuts and say bimbo, talking about his bud GYMBO.  Well Carter's birthday is coming up in two weeks and we are having a carnival, so i thought that we needed to have gymbo there.  So I will confess that I bought one of the HUGE gymbo clowns and Carter LOVES him.  I was trying to be sneaky and throw him in the back of the car, but he saw and all I heard was MY BIMBO!! I gave in and he rode home on top of Carter. This guy is HUGE, I would say the same size as Carter.. Heck what is perfect Carter is going to be a clown for Halloween.  Could it get any better than that.. We also now own the Dance Gymbo Dance CD, so we are now, nightly, dancing around the living room with gymbo, and Carter makes us do it MORE MORE MORE, I promise we are a sight. All four of us dancing with Gymbo...

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