Monday, March 21, 2011

Snow White.

The snow just pounding the boys, but they didn't stop.
Drake watching the road being plowed.

Boys watching the snow plow on our driveway.
Jess out in the snow looking for buried hockey sticks.
Our plow guy plowing our driveway.
Me in our driveway. I had been out taking pictures and Jess snapped one of me coming back.Boys TV night

We knew the snow was coming, and that it was going to be a pretty afternoon but it was BEAUTIFUL. Really in my life the only time I have been around snow is the two ski trips that I have been on. So to see the whole transformation was amazing. Drake got a snow day the morning of the snow, which you think would of been perfect but I was already up and dressed and there was no snow in sight. Boy was I wrong. Lunch time came and the snow started blowing. And after a few hours of steady downfall of snow the boys begged to go out and play. Fresh snow, they were so excited. They surely enjoyed the snow till dinner time and again for the next few days. So far it has been exciting, beautiful, and a wonderful new adventure, but I can see how the snow can get old fast.
Jess shoveling before work :)

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