Monday, March 21, 2011

Drake ice skating

Drake in his gym day/skating day school uniform

Drake has ice skating at his school twice a week. St. Bon's has their own rink that the kids get to use during the school day. Drake was so excited about skating. They have 'push carts' to use to get around the ice for beginners, but last week he said he didn't use the cart at all. He is getting good and when he gets really good he gets to take his hockey stuff and play hockey during skating time. Jess got to go up and watch him on Friday so we got some pictures of him skating. Jess said that it is amazing how these kids can skate at such a young age. But from what I have heard about kids here is that when you learn to walk, you learn to skate. He also said that Drake was so sweaty when they were done. The get to skate for an hour and he never stopped. I am hoping to get over there this Wednesday to watch him.

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Swan Family said...

How fun! Glad to see you all doing well!