Friday, March 11, 2011

School Days in Canada

The boys had there first week of school. Drake is attending St. Bonaventure's and enrolled in 2nd grade. Last week he got to go in and have a sneak peek of the class and he said he was nervous. When your child says they are nervous, it makes mommy nervous. So Monday started with a nervous mom and child, but excited also. Dad met us at the school and all 5 of us went in and took him to class. Mrs. Spurvy his teacher was out sick, but the sub greeted us and said everything was ready for him. She had sat him next to a boy named Andrew, and his daddy works with Jess at the office. Drake and Andrew have become big buds. It seems like we were nervous for no reason. He has fit right in and is always so happy about school when I pick him up. They do a 7 day rotation and in those 7 days, 3 are gym days. On gym days he gets to wear his gym clothes all day. But above is pictures of him in his official dress. Which he whines about the tie, but wears it with a smile. Drake even gets to go ice skating during gym days. So know he owns his own ice skates and helmet. He said it is weird to ice skate, but he is doing so well. Carter keeps begging for ice skates, so I think we will be getting him a pair soon and will head to the local rink. Many people around here skate on the ponds, but it is warmer up so indoor we will go.

Carter is going three days a week to a school here called Early Achievers. The immerse him in letters, numbers, patterns, and flash cards. At first when we went to visit the school he said he didn't want to go back, but after the first day he loved it. He came running out and said that he had a blast and that he was getting super smart. The only downfall of his program is that it is in the afternoon from 1:30-4:30 so I get to do a lot of driving around. We live a little out, so I just can't run back home. We will make it work. Plus on Friday's Jess is doing all the pick ups for me. That makes me a happy mommy. Myatt and I can run home and nap in the quiet house with no extra feet running around.

So far everyone is happy with their school's. Next year Carter will be a Kindergartner at St. Bon's with Drake. Since the cut off here is Dec to be 5, he gets to go since he turns 5 in Oct. He is so excited about that, because he thinks Drake's school is the coolest since they ice skate. I honestly don't know if they do ice skate at Kinder, but he will be in the big school with brother all day, and my running will be cut down to twice a day.

One thing we are still trying to get use to is the changing of shoes. At both schools they have to wear a pair of boots, and then change and leave them in their locker or cubbie and put on other shoes so the floors won't get slick. When they go outside they change again, and again when they come in. So you have to juggle a ton of shoes and throw on the jackets and hats. I totally understand why they do it, but it still makes me totally frustrated. Something I will have to get use to....

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