Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 Things

I found this over at Amys Blog and it looked fun to do, so here is my life on 8 things.

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Friday, I get to go back to sleep after the carpool picks Drake up.
2. Saturday watching my cute boy play baseball.
3. Saturday drinking wine with friends, I so need a night out.
4. Bunco next Wednesday, I like these girls, and need some girl time.
5. SUMMER, not getting up early in the mornings.
6. Losing a good 5 pounds, I hate being a girl, my weight fluctuates daily, heck hourly.
7. My birthday and mothers day, an excuse to buy stuff for me.
8. SUMMER, not getting up early in the mornings.

8 things I did yesterday: (I am boring, I PROMISE)
1. Watched my cousin's daughter
2. Took a stroller ride to the donut shop with the kiddos
3. Went to the park
4. Washed clothes
5. Watched Young and the Restless :)
6. Got Drake off the bus
7. Went to HEB
8. Cooked a dinner for friends

8 things I WISH I could do:
1. Clean my closet
2. Lose a few pounds fast
3. Grow 5 inches
4. Take a romantic vacation alone with my HUBBY
5. Totally stealing this one from AMY "Transform my body back into pre-baby form. I should have taken advantage of it while I had it. I should have whored it out or posed for Playboy or something"
6. Be a fantastic cook
7. Figure out if I want dark hair or to be blonde again
8. Run for a full 3 miles, heck make that 2.

8 shows I watch:
1. Young and Restless
2. Greys Anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Rachael Ray
5. Little People Big World
6. Jon and Kate plus 8
7. The Kardashian
8. All things on the FOOD NETWORK

8 people I tag:
EVERYONE, If you read this please do it and comment and let me know.. I would love for you to join in....

Disney on ICE!

We went to Disney on Ice. Reese and Blake Beheler gave Drake tickets to join them at this event for his birthday. The kids had a BLAST, so did the mommies.. They were a little spoiled because we got a LIMO to take down there. With 4 kids, a night Disney performance, and bad weather, we thought that it was the way to go. We made a great choice. We had a perfect night, except the weather stunk, but heck we were in the need for some rain. We even had time to make a stop at the Aquarium for dinner. Love goes out to our waiter. We had 30 minutes to order and eat. He put a rush on our order and we made it in and out in time for Disney to start. Awesome night for everyone.. Thanks again Beheler boys for a wonderful evening....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buster the duck.

Here his is. Our newest addition from Jess's Uncle Dick on Easter. He will not be staying long, actually we were going to let him go last weekend, but the tears from the boys got us. We are hoping to let him go this upcoming weekend.. Isn't he sweet!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009..

We spent Easter this year at the Bay (Port O'Connor) and then headed over to Jess's uncles (Uncle Dicks) house at the bottom on Easter day. We got to the Bay on Friday, we had intended on leaving on Thursday, but Jess had a meeting in the Woodlands and Drake had baseball practice so Friday it was. The bay trip was a blast as it always is. We hung out and spent time together as a family. Jon and Sara, and the boys were down, also Paw Paw and Nanny were also around. Nanny and Paw Paw bought the grand boys a bounce house to keep at the bay, so the kiddos and us mom's spent lots of time in there. Daddy went fishing on Saturday, but it was cold and windy, which led to a bad fishing trip. The little guys spent some time on the pier, not catching much except for Drake's piggy perch that he threw in the freezer to show Nanny the next morning. We made cookies, had an Easter Egg hunt, made many barges honk, cooked lots of great food, made wonderful margaritas, and just had a great time being together. It was a fast but fun trip as we left Sunday morning for Uncle Dick's at the bottom.

Easter day we saw Jess's side of the family at his Uncle's. Many of his cousin's were there with their children. The kids just ran around and played. We had an amazing late lunch and hunted Easter Eggs. There were tons and tons of eggs to be had by all the kids. Both of my boys had tons. Carter opened each egg looking for Chocolate as Drake checked the eggs for money. We decided to call it a day after the hunt. Jess ran by the farm, Carter and I headed home, and Drake rode back with Nanny. That is where our new addition Buster comes into play. More on him in another post.