Sunday, April 12, 2009

A start to our Easter Celebration.

I BROKE IT! He was so sad.

Yes they were a MESS! It was every where on C, tons of spots on his face. I really didn't think it would come off, but it did, or most of it.

And this is how bath time ended. They love bubbles.

Our Easter celebration started on Thursday after Drake got home from school. Carter goes to school on Tuesday's and Thursday's and gets home around 2. So he naps at school which means no nap till 4:00. I needed to find something both boys would do and enjoy. I was mother of the year, or so I think. The maid had just left, so our house was gleaming, but I still let the boys make a MESS! We dyed our Easter eggs, played confetti eggs, and made our bunny house (just like a gingerbread house). The boys were COVERED with dye and icing, so we ended up in the bath tub for some tub time fun and then headed to Baseball practice. The next day, which was Friday, we headed to the Bay to be with family for the Easter weekend. I hope to post our Easter weekend tomorrow.

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Swan Family said...

We love bubble time too! I love the last need to frame it and put it in the bathroom.