Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drake's week or so it feels..

I feel like this whole week has been centered around Drake's birthday.. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, I just feel that is all we have done. So get ready for our pictures from Drake's birthday week.

It started with Drake's school party pictures from his actual birthday, but I have already posted those. That night he had baseball and bad mom I was, I tried to get him to miss practice so we could head out for a birthday celebration. He told me no that he wanted to go to practice, he is so dedicated. So on Thursday we headed out for his 'late' birthday dinner at LUPE TORTILLA. YUMM-O, and my SIL Sara, and her two boys, Landon and Trent, and my MIL Anita joined us.
Before we headed out Drake keep asking if he got to wear the big hat, and Yes he did. He is so shy about everything, so we had a moment, but after that he wore it smiling and so did everyone else at the table.

And then this Saturday we had his 'Birthday Party'. We thought about having a bowling party, which I was totally pumped about, but soon that changed. Drake asked us why he couldn't have his party at the house since Carter does. So we changed and planned for an afternoon outdoors. We prayed for great weather and lucky we had some, a little too windy, but we can't complain (even though Drake didn't get to blow out a candle because of the wind) We had a spongebob bounce house, had a pinata, we did a hula-hoop contest, sack races, and bouncy ball races. I think the kiddos had a blast, and honestly even though I love these parties, and the look on my kids face, I am glad it is OVER!! So here are TONS of pictures from Drake's birthday party

My sweet boys..
My Family I thank GOD daily for.
HUMMM What is Bella saying??

hanging with the boys in the jump jump

Drake didn't get to blow out a candle at the party due to the wind so we sang him happy birthday tonight, and gave him desert with candles and he made his wish..


And now a few of my favorite photo's of the day, that aren't my sweet children.


Bre said...

What a GREAT day!! Great pictures!

Claire said...

Ok, where did you get the Sponge Bob cake?! That is a must for Jackson's actual birthday party in June...he would love that cake! :) Looks like a lot of fun- a perfect party at home! Always the best!

Swan Family said...

What a beautiful day!!! Arn't you glad you had it outside now?? :) I love it everyone looks like they had a great time!!