Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woodland Texas Fun.

We loaded up the kids and headed over to the Woodlands for the day. Jess had eaten there that week with a coworker and said we needed to take the boys, they would have a ball. Did they ever. We ate lunch at the Tommy Bahama store, which by the way had an awesome salad with chicken and apples. After lunch the boys and I walked over to the splash area outside of the store so daddy could shop. The kids had a blast running around and playing in the water and daddy and mommy took turns going into different shops. The Woodlands is beautiful and if it wasn't so far away from Jess's office, I may consider moving.

After we got home we headed to our friends the Oneal's and had a fun afternoon and evening with friends swimming. Drake is a wonderful swimmer, we don't have to worry much about him, but we did learn while we were there that Carter LOVES the water and diving in. We knew he loves to be in the water but his new thing is to jump in the water without us. We will definitely be keeping an eye on him this summer.

The Boys also got to meet Baby Charlie while at the Oneal's. Our friends Jennifer and Jason Ford had there third little boy and he is adorable. At first Carter didn't like him much, but I let him get in my lap and hold him and he was sold.

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