Monday, May 11, 2009

My new adventure.

Well I have joined my friend Claire in the neighborhood and decided to join the Scentsy Team. Claire had showed us the product at a local home show and I was smitten. I kept buying more scents, giving as gifts, and when people stopped by our home they would always compliment my house scent. It was the first find that would smell my 'whole' house up, not just the kitchen. Even my husband who is so against candles and the room sprays starting asking what was that awesome smell. So I let my friends and hubby in on my secret and soon they were in love too. I decided why not start selling something that I love and use daily in my home.

I love the fact that if it spills, it will not burn my children unlike many of the other burners and wax out on the market. I have showed my friends and even caught Carter climbing the counter and putting his finger in the wax, thank heavens it was a Scentsy burner. Plus another love of my oldest son is blowing out candles, so I can't kept them lit and the wax becomes a mess. With Scentsy I don't have to worry. One of my biggest loves is that I don't have to stress about it. Many times I have turned my car around down the street to make sure I blew out my candle. Well with this, you can leave it on and not worry. I love coming home to a wonderful smelling home. Not only do I have a burner in my kitchen and bedroom, I have a plug in upstairs in the boys bathroom, it works as a night light and I don't have to smell 'kids' upstairs. It always smells nice. I love to give these to people as gifts, something new and something they can use and not worry. I could go on and on, but will not.

The cost, is SO reasonable. The burners are around $30 and there are TONS to choose from. The nightlights that I use in our bathrooms, run $15 and then are tons of scent bars (around 80) to choose from. Each scent bar will last 50-80 hours. You will never get bored, I love to change my scents out, and there is something for everyone. How does it work? Well you put a square of your scent bar in the Scentsy warmer and plug in. Your fragrance will not evaporate, which is a plus because that means no build up of soot on your walls, furniture, or in your lungs. When the scent runs out, you can pour it into a disposable container and use a paper towel to clean the warmer, and then add a new scent. If you want to change out scents and the scent still smells, pour it back into the Scentsy bar form and use it later.

I promise if you try it you will be had. I love it, but mostly I love that I don't have to worry about my kids anymore, heck even the dog anymore knocking it off the counter and having hot wax go everywhere.

If you would love information about the product, let me know. Call, Email or even check out my web page on Scentsy.


Bre said...

Sounds YUM! Let me know if you have a party..I'd LOVE to get something like this. I'm so particular about scents.

Swan Family said...

I love those things! They are addicting! :) Good Luck on your new adventure!

Safe Candles by Scentsy said...

Welcome to the Scentsy Family!

Claire said...

I am so glad to have you as a team member! It's going to be so fun!