Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to our home- Boy's Bedrooms.

This week at Kelly's Korner, show us where you live, is Children's Rooms.
These are two of my FAVORITE rooms in our house. I had a lady come in and paint in my children's room, I could sit in these rooms for hours and just stare.
Drake's room is a fishing room. The boat on the wall is our family offshore fishing boat, HYDROCARBON. My big guy loves to fish and when we bought this house I asked him what he wanted his room to be done in. At the old house it was a cowboy room, this time he wanted a fishing room. The little hippos on Drake's bed, or as he calls it his googee's, have been with him since he was a baby, and even at 6 he still sleeps with them every night.

Carter's room is just SWEET and little baby. I love this room and I never want him to grow up. Heck I think I may move him into Drake's bunk beds so that I can leave his room as a nursery. He is 2 and such a good baby bed sleeper, I hope I just didn't jinx that. Both of my boys bedding's came from Pottery Barn kids. I love that place.


Genie Marie said...

Love your boys rooms...and their names. The murals are beautiful and I love Drake's bedding! Too cute!!

Creekmore's said...

Love the murals on the walls. So nice!