Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spending the day with cousins!!

Throwing food to the ducks
He decided to eat the bread instead.
Drake and Trent Best Friends
Buddies Carter and Landon
Look at ME!!
Total Motts baby!
Drake being a monkey
Here comes Landon
Trent Man
Landon did not want to leave the park. PRECIOUS BOY!
Carter is all smiles on D's four-wheeler

We spent the afternoon with Drake and Carter's cousins, Trent and Landon. Sara and I decided to take the boys running, well she ran I walked :), up to feed the ducks and end the afternoon at the park. We had a blast, we had four happy little boys. My cousin Stefanie even got to bring her youngest daughter Steelie up to the feed the ducks. I love to hang out with family. I was blessed to have an awesome cousin that I grew up with and still talk to daily, and that is what my boys are going to have. The boys are all close in age, so there is never a dull moment with the Richards' boys... This is what family is all about.
Drake at 7:30, asleep like a baby!


Swan Family said...

So fun! That is very special bond and they're going to be close forever!

Claire said...

You are so fortunate to have family close by to enjoy!! What a blessing:)