Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day fun back at HOME!

A windy time at the track with DEDE
Look at him go
My Turn
Okay I will watch
Here he comes

Carter and Skipper, my daddy
My parents dog Happy
Grandma Sarah

Grandma B

Even though we have made a home here in Sugar Land, and wouldn't change that for the world, I still call Bay City home. The town Jess and I were both raised in and where fell in love, a town my parents and many of our old school friends still live in. I love to visit and it brings back wonderful memories.

My mother works at the local high school in Bay City, and Drake has been begging to go spend some time up there with her and to run the 'big track'. So being that we were off for Presidents Day and their school was not we decided to go spend some time up there. We met up at the school and the boys got to meet some of her friends that she worked with and I got to see some of my old teachers. The boys were amazed watching the 'Athletic' boys work out. Drake asked if that was what he gets to do when he gets older. He also got his wish of running the big track. I never thought that he would make the whole track 'running' but low and behold I think he might have walked about 5 steps, he never gave up and was so proud when he finished. Carter wanted to run too but got tired and decided just to sit and watch. We then got to go spend some time with my dad, 'Skipper' as they call him. After that we loaded up for lunch and met my Grandma B at the local Dairy Queen. The kids got spoiled as always and enjoyed ice cream. Next we head to Grandma Sarah's house and stayed and played and opened every door and drawer at Grandma Sarah's place. We wrapped up our outing with new boots for Drake from Wild Bills, from some reason Carter Bugs feet couldn't fit perfect in a pair so we gave up. Headed back to my parents, DEDE and Skipper, so C could nap and D could hang with Skipper. I always love spending time with my family and seeing my kids interact with my parents, it is an amazing feeling.......


Swan Family said...

So sweet! I miss my grandma! They are so much fun!!

Sarah said...

Great pics! :)