Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drake's Valentine Party at Campbell Elem.

Drake working on his card for Mrs. Gazaway.

Me and my boys.

Drake and his AMAZING teacher
Mrs. Gazaway! LOVE HER :)

Drake and Liam

Drake explaining his picture to me.

Drake and his picture.

I totally forgot to post Drake's class valentine party pictures.. OK I may be 2 weeks late, but heck better late than never...

The kindergartners at Campbell had a ice cream sundae party for their Valentines Party. It went over well with the kids, and after finishing their sundaes they got to dig in their bags to look for there goodies and cards. Drake found tons of his favorite Spongebob cards in his bag. He had a great class party. We are very lucky to have a great room mom and all the parents that volunteer for his class. Heck his teacher is AMAZING why wouldn't we want to help out.

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Melissa said...

AWWWWE!!! So cute. looks like he have a blast at his party!