Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our First Hockey Game.

We attended our first hockey game on Easter night. It was so much fun and amazed how quick it went by. It was the National Midget Hockey Championship game. These are players that are trying to get in the NHL, and we were amazed how well these young guys could play. So to say the least it was exciting to watch. Heck one guy had to leave because he had his nose broken and there was blood everywhere. Myatt even got to participate in his first game too. He did awesome and the big boys too. They liked to be in the suite we were in because there was food at all times and tons to drink. Drake has taken a love for hockey, so he sat next to me and every time something happen he said, Mom did you see that, that was a ..... It was great. Carter thought that the guys dressed up like power rangers were so cool, that he has decided he wants to be a power ranger for Halloween. I guess it's better than some things he could choose. I think there will be many more hockey games in our future, which I am excited about. In this same box we are taking the kids to see the Monster Jam on my birthday in May and then we are attending Reba in September. One thing nice about the Mile One Center is you are up close and personal with everything. When we would sit in a box at Reliant, you were so far up, here you are right there!!

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