Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Middle Cove Beach-St. John's Canada

Jess had told us that Middle Cove Beach was a beautiful place to visit, so off we went. With everyone in tow we went for a Sunday drive to the beach. Got lost a few times, but thank heavens Jess had a map handy. Once we got there, it was breathtaking. Just amazing to sit there and stare at the water and the monster waves. Everything was so blue. The beach is not like the beach that we grew up with, instead of sand it has a ton of small smooth rocks. Jess said they are so smooth as the tumble through the waves. The boys enjoyed running around and throwing rocks, but on this day it was VERY windy. It is always windy around here, but this was one of those bone chilly windy days so Myatt got to look at the view from the car. Jess and I kept taking turns holding him, while the other went out with the big boys. They were enjoying running out and in with the waves as the tide rolled back and forth. The water was freezing and since it was so cold out that we didn't want them to get wet so they were being very careful. But that one 'last time' before we left, Jess and I were loaded in the car, took Carter by surprise and down he went. Straight into the water. SOAKED from head to toe. He was freezing and so upset. As Jess ran for him, this sweet man grabbed him out of the water, not that he would of been out to sea, but to get him out of the cold. We brought him to the car, undressed him, gave him Myatt's blanket, and blasted the heater the whole way home while the rest of us were pouring with sweat. It will always be one of those memorable days, not only for seeing the amazing views, but also for allowing Carter to take his first dip in the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

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