Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Happy 8th Birthday Drake

Dede and Skipper get love from their three boys.

Marshall, Kyle, Cole, Drake, Cade, Caleb, Carter, Mason, Corbin, Cannon and Luke


Our oldest baby turned 8!! And not a baby anymore, he has grown into a big and independent boy. He is so helpful with his brothers and a joy to be around every day. He is one of those kids that always helps out and you can always count on him. I tell Jess that I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with him, but it hasn't yet.

Drake is finishing up his 2nd grade year and has done extremely well. His reading has taken off like a rocket this year. We have been amazed by the stuff he picks up and reads. Math is coming around. Not his favorite subject, but does well. He still has the love for the outdoors and wants to be outside any chance he gets. Now that we have moved to Canada I thought that he would be in more because of the cold, but it hasn't happened. Just bundle him up and he will be out all day. Drake still loves baseball and golf, but is picking up hockey here in Canada. He said he even may pay when we get back in Sugar Land at the rink there. He has done wonderfully with the move. I always worried about him since he is our shy and quiet child, but that has not been the case. He has jumped right in and made some great friends, and even talking like his friends. The Texan accent has been pushed to the wayside and he sounds like a little Canadian.

Even though we celebrated his birthday at home before with left with his buddies, we had a little party here with one of his friends. We went to one of the local places here in St. John's, Montana's, and for your birthday they put moose horns on you and sing. He was so embarrassed, as he still gets embarrassed when he is the center of attention, but we had to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Drake, we love you to the moon and back!!!
Drake and his buddy Andrew

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