Monday, May 30, 2011

Nanny Comes to Visit!!

We were so excited that Nanny, Jess's mom, could come and visit for a few days. We had our first visitor from the states and the boys were so excited. We were especially excited for her to see how our big boy Myatt had grown. When we left, he was 8 weeks and at her arrival he was 4 months and had changed a TON!
We had a blast with Nanny and even though the weather was not perfect, we managed to get a lot done in the time she was here.

If you know Nanny you know she loves to cook and wonderful at it. The kids had a wonderful time making TONS of goodies. We got to enjoy the goodies as well as some of our neighbors. A few of the things we made were, homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade dinner rolls, and biscuit's, strawberry pie, molasses and sugar cookies, homemade chicken and dumplings, marshmallow pudding, had shrimp and lobster and many other things. Man I think I just gained 5 pounds writing that. In fact I told her as much as I hated to see her go, my hips would be happy.
We also had lots of time to play cards and domino's. Both boys got to stay up late past there bed times, which made for fussy boys in the mornings, but our time spending with Nanny was worth it.
Friday Carter had kinderstart in the morning and after that we grabbed Drake out of school and headed for a day of sightseeing. Jess took all the boys home so that Nanny and I could hit downtown. After stopping at a few shops and eating, we headed to grab everyone to go see some sights. We drove out to the Marine Institute and they had 5 seals to watch. They were studying them, so we took advantage and spent some time watching them. They are so cute and I can't believe people around here catch them and sell their flippers to eat. Very sad in my opinion.
We headed out to Middle Cove Beach. It was so cold that day so we didn't stay long. We just wanted her to see the beautiful drive and the amazing views at the beach. This is the beach that last time we were here Carter went tumbling. But this time the waves weren't as big, and the boys still had fun skipping rocks. Drake was so excited about his find, a heart shaped rock.

Next stop was Cape Spear Light House. The most Eastern spot in North America. We had a blast running around up here. It was very foggy, but you could still see the sights.

Then after our day of adventure we set out for a yummy dinner at the steak house here. Lots of good food and yummy drinks for all.
Our last night with Nanny we decided that we wanted to grab some lobster and shrimp and have a feast. None of us had ever cooked lobster so after making a stop at the seafood shop and looking online we decided to just go for it. We are so glad we did because let me tell you, it was amazing. Drake ate a little, but Carter really enjoyed it as well.
Drake picked out our lobsters from the tank, but Carter would go NO WHERE near them. We grabbed 3 lobsters and we paid $7.99 a pound. I think our total was like $26 when leaving there. And we had TONS of lobster. We couldn't eat it all and I even may a lobster salad sandwich the next day. And still had to throw some out. I will definitely be taking advantage of the price of lobster around here while we live here.

We enjoyed lots of mommy drinks as the kids call it while she was here.

Carter finally came close to the lobster once they were ready to eat and couldn't move anymore. He enjoyed beating them open for us. After Drake and Carter got done with the mallet we had lobster pieces everywhere.

Our full refrigerator of all the goodies we had.

Our fun time had to come to a close on Sunday. We were so sad to see her go, but we will be seeing her soon in June, as the rest of our family. We are very excited for our visit home in a few weeks. Looking forward to the heat, friends, and our wonderful family.

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Looks like a fun trip for Nanny!