Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend at the Bay..

We always have so much fun at the bay, so when given a chance to go we are there. This weekend was nice and relaxing since it was just Jess and I with the boys and Jon and Sara with their two boys. We didn't cook, we ate out, and just went with the flow. NO STRESS.. The kids got to spend some time fishing on the pier. Carter had caught a fish the last time he was down there, but totally got nervous and didn't want to have anything to do with it. But this was the first time he caught a fish with his daddy, mommy there there last time. He was so excited to show his catch to daddy and Drake. Drake still loves to fish, he could sit on the pier all day.

Saturday we headed to the beach in Port Oconner. The kids had been begging to go, but it seems like every time we are down there we have other stuff to do. So I promised my boys that we would head there this time.
Drake ran around looking for hermit crabs. He found a ton and moved them to our bay house, boat house.
Carter was just happy with the sand and a few toys.
He loved throwing the mud out to the water. He was totally dirty and I was in his way a few times, so I ended up with tons of mud in my hair.

I tired to get a moment with my boys, but they really didn't have time for mommy. They wanted to run and play.

While we were at the bay, Jess and Drake (Jess really) put together a Lego Star Wars ship. Jess said the totally time was 5 1/2 hours. Why is it the box said 6-9 year olds. RIGHT!!! This ship we got while we were in Disney in November and it was found while cleaning out the top of his closet. He talked daddy into helping him, mommy doesn't dig Lego's.

Before we left I tired to grab some pictures of my boys. I think they turned out pretty precious, but man it just made me realize how fast they are growing up.
And we can't forget the Barges we saw. We got a few honks with many happy smiles from the kiddos.
We had a wonderful weekend. But it will probably be our last time down there for a while. School is about to start and weekends will be filled with Baseball, Aggie games, and everything else under the sun..


Marsha said...

Just saw your comment on my blog. Thank you for the congratulations! We are so happy!

Just stopping in to say hello and I love all the pics of your boys. You take some amazing pictures, but I must say it should be easy with such adorable subjects!!! :)

Swan Family said...

What a wonderful weekend! It's nice you have a place to get away and spend time with the boys...precious precious!! Love the last photo of them.