Sunday, August 23, 2009


We love July in Port Oconner Texas, because that is the time of the big POCO BUENO fishing Tournament. Jess, his brothers, and few of there closest friends have been fishing this tournament the last few years on our boat, Hydrocarbon. Not only is this tournament a time of excitement for all of us, it is a laid back fun with friends and family.

We always start the week long excitement with a family cruise on our boat.

The Girls and our babies..
Sara, Erin, and I heading to dinner at the POCO tent.
Mommy and my sweet boys.

Everyone in the tournament can leave on Thursday night at 11. So after baths, we loaded up the kids so they can watch their daddy and his team leave. Carter had a hard time with this and kept screaming, "daddy come back." Drake on the other hand just wanted daddy to win the big one.

Friday we spent that day at one of the new developments in Port Oconner swimming and enjoying the sun. This place is really neat, it felt like we were at our own little paradise. First there was no one there, which was awesome. And second they have a HUGE pool, splash pad, and a little playground area fenced in around the water. We all had a blast.

When we got back Friday afternoon we had a little time for fishing before it got dark. There wasn't much caught except for Cbug. He caught his first ever fish with the help of mommy. When the fish grabbed his pole, he got scared and about lost his pole. Mommy came to the rescue and we got to reel in his fish. He was so excited.
Friday night ended in Dance Party USA!! Katelyn showed us her awesome moves, while Landon and Carter ran around and dance with her. Drake was Katelyn's official Paparazzi. He couldn't get enough pictures.

Saturday was the day my parents, dede and Skipper, were headed to meet me to take the boys home. But before we had to get new pets for Katelyn and Drake. At one of the local shops in Port Oconner they had Hermit Crabs that were painted and a cage for them. Drake grabbed a pirate hermit crab and named him Gary Dale.
We met my parents in Port Lavaca so they could finish the weekend with my parents and I could partake in some adult time. I hate to see them leave, but they always have so much fun.
Here are the women to go see our fishermen. Reese, Erin, Sara, and I.
Here they come.

The crew. Jake, Chance, Jon, Ramsey, Jake, Joel, Jess, and in the front Jeff. They had a great time and ended up catching, 2 wahoo, 2 white marlin's, and 2 sailfish.

Me and my sweet TIRED fisherman.


Swan Family said...

What a fun awesome weekend!! Ya'll look great!!

Megan said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!! Awesome pics, as usual! =)