Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy's playing photographer..

Cute close ups of my sweet precious boys.

Drake 6 years

Carter 2 1/2 years

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Underwater Photos..

Are so much fun!!! We took tons of underwater photo's with my friend Erin's new camera. We got a little addicted and couldn't stop. The camera is really cool.

Monday, July 13, 2009

1st Sleepover.

Well I was talked into having our first sleep over. Drake begged me to let Kyle spend the night as we were leaving his house. So I said yes, but I was nervous. Nervous because we have never had a sleep over, nervous because Drake sometimes comes down in the middle of the night. But the boys exceeded my expectations. When Kyle got to our house, we went next door to our neighbors the Guinn's and went swimming. Kim and Chuck had family in so the boys got to play with her nieces and nephew. They all had a blast. Next was dinner, bath, and then off to play the WII. It was nice that all 3 kids (carter included) played upstairs happily and Jess and I got to enjoy some alone time. The boys came down around 9:45 ready to watch TV and time to wind down. I got them up to bed at 10:30 and they were both asleep at 10:45. They woke me up the next morning at 8:00, both excited that they got to have a sleep over. I feel like Drake has aged so much since he got to have his first sleep over. Even Carter enjoyed having kyle over to sleep. We had a wonderful night..

Next are cute pictures of Drake getting stuck in a bucket. He didn't see the bucket behind him and fell in while at the Guinn's. We couldn't stop laughing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BLOG HOP: Favorite photo

Mr. Linky is doing a blog hop of favorite pictures. You simply link the post from your blog on your favorite picture and....voila! You are connected to so many wonderful pictures and create new friends and new blog reads.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my boys.. So I thought that I would share.

***This week, on TUESDAY, 7/7/09, the theme is A FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH. Post up one of your favorite photographs and a caption that tells the audience about it. Here is a sample: Do not change any part of this snippet of code except for this paragraph only.... replace the text that falls between (and includes) the opening and closing asterisks. Be sure to enter your own link to your own blog hop post as soon as the blog hop starts!***

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday AMERICA!

Carter showing off the cupcakes that Drake, Carter, and I made before we left for the bay. We wanted to make America cupcakes for her birthday. The kids had a blast helping me bake. We had a HUGE mess, but it was worth it to see their smiles while helping mommy cook.

Drake showing off all our pretty flags we have to display at the bay.

Carter decided to jump in the pool after we had cleaned up all the boys for dinner. Mommy was a little bit frustrated, but soon got over it when seeing how much fun he was having.

All the boys waiting for a barge to come by. All 4 of them run to the table climb on and start honking their arms to see who will honk back. Many do and then they all clap and scream THANK YOU!

I had to get a sweet picture of my two in the 'red, white, and blue' Gymboree outfits.
We spent Saturday morning swimming over at Carocal. This is a new 'community based' water front area. Our friends Bianca and Clay are going to build a bay house over in this area. They were in town so Bianca invited us to go swimming. We jumped on the offer.
A great way to cool off during a hot day.

All 4 of the boys, ready and heading to go riding the tube at the bay.

Nanny and PawPaw waving from the Balcony, looking to see the boys on the tube.

Mommy and Carter got to go first. Carter is easy to please. He loves to ride the tube, but he doesn't have to stay long on it.

Now Drake on the other hand could stay ALL DAY LONG. He loves to be on the tube. He will ask 100 times when it is his time to go again. Riding the tube at the bay equals one happy 6 year old.

I can't believe how grown up and handsome Drake looks in this picture.

Pawpaw and Drake enjoyed some snuggle time on the chair.

Nanny had a few helpers while making ice cream. Carter knew if he helped make it, PawPaw would give him some to eat. Drake enjoyed helping, but he is not a sweet eater. Carter on the other hands LOVES SWEETS.

Sara and I tried getting a cute picture of all four boys, this is the best I got. Not too bad. I think they are precious.
Carter and Landon, aren't they sweet.

A family picture from the weekend. Trying to be a little patriotic. All in RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

Carter's fireworks did not start off too well. He came around by the end of the night, but little guy did not enjoy watching the big pretty fireworks.

Drake on the other hand wouldn't miss a beat. He loves FIREWORKS!!!

Carter decided it was okay in the car watching his movie, eating a lollipop, blanket, and glow stick in hand. Anytime you opened the door, he would tell you quickly to shut it.

FINALLY coming around.

The Boys playing with fire.

Daddy and D doing fireworks.

Mommy and her sweet boys.

Sara, Bianca and I with baby boys.

And finally cuddle time for my guys on July 4th. They were exhausted.

Sunday ended our time at the bay on the boat. The boys have to have a ride on Hydrocarbon to make thier time at the bay complete. This always brings a smile to their face.

Is he not the cutest thing with his 'big guy' glasses on. He tells me he can see the fish under water with these. He is already learning from his daddy.

We had a wonderful time celebrating America's Birthday at the Bay. We will be headed down to the bay again in two weeks for our big POCO BUENO offshore fishing tournament.
Wish our team HYDROCARBON good luck!!