Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally a few new PICTURES!

I am being bad and just ready to jump ahead and try not to get behind on my blog again.
I really want to share a few pictures and try to get up to date to now.

Our sweet Sandy girl
Christmas at my In-Laws.
Carter in his new fire truck.

Drake on his top best gift. His electric scooter.. He Begged and Begged Santa for that.
Carter on his favorite toy the Radio Flyer Horse. This is a huge hit, everyone wants to ride. Even I have a few times.

Before bed, cookies for Santa
Leaving for Christmas Eve Service

Throwing down their reindeer food.

Making Cookies for Santa, well more like Carter eating the dough for Santa's cookies.

Helping mommy bake for Christmas morning. They were mad because daddy said it was BEDTIME and they wanted to stay and help..

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