Friday, May 16, 2008

Drake's Pre-K Graduation

Our first born has graduated from Pre-Kindergarten with the blink of an eye.  I have felt so many different emotions, from sadness seeing Drake not need us as much, to excitement of what the future holds for him.  Watching him grow and learn from his school and us has been amazing.  He is like a sponge soaking it all in, and he doesn’t forget a thing.  I remember in Pre-School learning nursery rhymes and counting to ten, but the things these children learn at a early age blow me away.  Drake knows all his letter, sounds, and counts and counts and keeps counting.  He has learned the days of the week, months of the year.  He sounds out words to write and uses sounds to read.  He loves books, I guess he gets that from me since I have a love to read.  But he is your typical boy with his constant wanting to hunt, fish, and catch frogs with dad.  He is gentle, but strong when needs to be, and loving but yet demanding.  Drake has made us into proud parents, smiling all the time at everything he does.


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