Thursday, August 5, 2010

Farm Fun in July

We love to go out to the farm and spending family time out there. We always find little things to do. This time it included fishing, BB gun shots, and riding the four wheeler. Every time it is a little something different, but it always end the same with big smiles on my boys faces.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bay fun at POCO time.

Saying bye to daddy before he headed out. Carter was not happy for his daddy to leave.
The cousin's in their matching Hydrocarbon shirts in front of the boat.
All 4 boys, best friends and cousins.
Bye Hydrocarbon, GOOD LUCK!

Poco is a fishing tournament that the Jess, his brothers, and a few friends fish in every summer.. We spend lots of time at the bay during that week, first with daddy before he heads out, and then with friends and family while they are gone. This year they didn't place, but had a great time and wonderful fishing weather for the 2 days they stayed out and fished..

While the boys were out, us girls got to entertain the kiddos and keep them happy. We swam a lot and fished. By the time the boys went down at the end of the night they were done. I made sure I wore them out during the day so they would sleep good for me at night. We had a wonderful time at the bay, as we always do.

Paw Paw fishing with Drake and Carter.
Jumping for Joy!
The WILD man at the pool.

Me and MY BOYS!! Nothing better than that!