Friday, July 25, 2008


We spent the day with friends at the Downtown Aquarium.  It seems like all of my friends have girls, LOL, so I let Drake bring a buddy. Carter is still young, he can have fun no matter what.  The kids enjoyed the fish and they really enjoyed the white tiger.  After a wonderful lunch in their restaurant we headed out doors for the rides and the train.  The kids went nuts over the train, and Carter had a fit we didn't get to ride it again.  I think I redeemed myself by putting him on the carousel. I heard lots of my turn his favorite phrase, because he did not want mommy to touch him, he wanted to do it all by his self.  It was way cute, and lots of smiles.  The big kids had fun on the rides, but my two could of sat in front of the aquarium for hours.. They love fish, I guess they get it from there daddy..