Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our First Hockey Game.

We attended our first hockey game on Easter night. It was so much fun and amazed how quick it went by. It was the National Midget Hockey Championship game. These are players that are trying to get in the NHL, and we were amazed how well these young guys could play. So to say the least it was exciting to watch. Heck one guy had to leave because he had his nose broken and there was blood everywhere. Myatt even got to participate in his first game too. He did awesome and the big boys too. They liked to be in the suite we were in because there was food at all times and tons to drink. Drake has taken a love for hockey, so he sat next to me and every time something happen he said, Mom did you see that, that was a ..... It was great. Carter thought that the guys dressed up like power rangers were so cool, that he has decided he wants to be a power ranger for Halloween. I guess it's better than some things he could choose. I think there will be many more hockey games in our future, which I am excited about. In this same box we are taking the kids to see the Monster Jam on my birthday in May and then we are attending Reba in September. One thing nice about the Mile One Center is you are up close and personal with everything. When we would sit in a box at Reliant, you were so far up, here you are right there!!

Easter at Our Table.

Even though it was sad that we didn't get to spend Easter with our family, we did have an awesome Easter. The kids dyed eggs as they always do and they enjoyed that. Easter Eve night Carter ran around telling us that he needed to go to bed or the Easter Bunny would hop by our house. So worried that his Easter basket would be empty on Easter morning. After they got there sweet treats and nick knacks they hunted eggs. Since we were suppose to get snow the next morning, Mr. Easter Bunny had put eggs in the house to hunt. The boys enjoyed there hunt, especially when they found the eggs that hand money in them. We cooked an amazing lunch. Jess had a prime rib going, while I had a ham in the oven. We also had homemade Mac and Cheese (Anita' roonies), rice and gravy, rolls, and don't forget Carter's Easter Cake. We had a TON of food and boy was it wonderful. We ate on it a few days. We also listened to our church from home on the Internet. River Pointer Pastor Patrick Kelley was amazing as always. We haven't found a church here yet so the internet had to do, and we knew that Patrick would not disappoint us. We had an amazing Easter as a new family of 5. Having Myatt and his first Easter with us was just the icing on the cake and so special.

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Our Sweet Boy Blessings
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And it wouldn't be complete without our
sweet Myatt in a Easter Bubble!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The next great cake baker!

Carter decided that he was going to bake our Easter Cake. I wanted to make Banana Pudding, because the kids and I love it so. But some of the items that I needed for the recipe that I use, could not be found at the three stores I went to. So that idea got scratched and a cake got placed on our menu. At least we tried to get a little festive dying the icing a Easter Spring color. I just supervised Carter, but he did it all. He was so proud of his cake!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazing Views...

It seems like every night we have a new view of the water with each being spectacular in it's own way. These are some of the amazing sunsets we have been seeing lately. I could just sit and stare for hours at the amazement of the colors in the sky and the reflection on the water. Jess and I catch ourselves saying, grab the camera, look at that. We want to capture it while we can because we don't see this at our home in Texas.

Here comes Myatt Cottontail...

I found an Easter outfit that I had gotten Myatt right after he was born to wear in April. Glad I got it out because I don't think he will be able to fit in it much longer. The hat was WAY TOO SMALL, but I think he still made an adorable bunny. Drake and Carter kept asking him where he hid the eggs. We all got a kick of how adorable he was.

Easterbunny Myatt

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Myatt is growing up.

Our Sweet Baby Myatt is growing up in front of our eyes!!!

Sweet Myatt copy

Middle Cove Beach-St. John's Canada

Jess had told us that Middle Cove Beach was a beautiful place to visit, so off we went. With everyone in tow we went for a Sunday drive to the beach. Got lost a few times, but thank heavens Jess had a map handy. Once we got there, it was breathtaking. Just amazing to sit there and stare at the water and the monster waves. Everything was so blue. The beach is not like the beach that we grew up with, instead of sand it has a ton of small smooth rocks. Jess said they are so smooth as the tumble through the waves. The boys enjoyed running around and throwing rocks, but on this day it was VERY windy. It is always windy around here, but this was one of those bone chilly windy days so Myatt got to look at the view from the car. Jess and I kept taking turns holding him, while the other went out with the big boys. They were enjoying running out and in with the waves as the tide rolled back and forth. The water was freezing and since it was so cold out that we didn't want them to get wet so they were being very careful. But that one 'last time' before we left, Jess and I were loaded in the car, took Carter by surprise and down he went. Straight into the water. SOAKED from head to toe. He was freezing and so upset. As Jess ran for him, this sweet man grabbed him out of the water, not that he would of been out to sea, but to get him out of the cold. We brought him to the car, undressed him, gave him Myatt's blanket, and blasted the heater the whole way home while the rest of us were pouring with sweat. It will always be one of those memorable days, not only for seeing the amazing views, but also for allowing Carter to take his first dip in the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A beautiful family walk.

Baby Myatt was ready to go.

All Smiles for the Camera.

Crazy Carter on his scooter.
Drake's new thing, ROLLERBLADING!!
Boys at the end of the Road.
Conception Bay behind them.

The weather Sunday was beautiful so we took advantage of it and went for a family walk to the water. We only live a mile down the street from the water so off we went. It was Myatt's first time in a stroller without a car seat and he loved it as you can see. He had just woken up from a long nap so I thought that he would be up, but I was wrong. Baby boy was crashed when we returned home. Many times Jess and I told the boys that we needed to turn around as we didn't think they would make it all the way down and back home. But they surprised us and did well. It is one of those things, that once you go down, you must go back up. It took us a while to go back up the hill and I can say my legs were pounding but we had great views, and a decent workout. It is still pretty chilling out, around 30F, but we are looking forward to it heating up a bit and enjoying the patio while the children play outside. We have really enjoyed living out here in St. Philips with the amazing views of Conception Bay.