Monday, March 21, 2011

Snow White.

The snow just pounding the boys, but they didn't stop.
Drake watching the road being plowed.

Boys watching the snow plow on our driveway.
Jess out in the snow looking for buried hockey sticks.
Our plow guy plowing our driveway.
Me in our driveway. I had been out taking pictures and Jess snapped one of me coming back.Boys TV night

We knew the snow was coming, and that it was going to be a pretty afternoon but it was BEAUTIFUL. Really in my life the only time I have been around snow is the two ski trips that I have been on. So to see the whole transformation was amazing. Drake got a snow day the morning of the snow, which you think would of been perfect but I was already up and dressed and there was no snow in sight. Boy was I wrong. Lunch time came and the snow started blowing. And after a few hours of steady downfall of snow the boys begged to go out and play. Fresh snow, they were so excited. They surely enjoyed the snow till dinner time and again for the next few days. So far it has been exciting, beautiful, and a wonderful new adventure, but I can see how the snow can get old fast.
Jess shoveling before work :)

Drake ice skating

Drake in his gym day/skating day school uniform

Drake has ice skating at his school twice a week. St. Bon's has their own rink that the kids get to use during the school day. Drake was so excited about skating. They have 'push carts' to use to get around the ice for beginners, but last week he said he didn't use the cart at all. He is getting good and when he gets really good he gets to take his hockey stuff and play hockey during skating time. Jess got to go up and watch him on Friday so we got some pictures of him skating. Jess said that it is amazing how these kids can skate at such a young age. But from what I have heard about kids here is that when you learn to walk, you learn to skate. He also said that Drake was so sweaty when they were done. The get to skate for an hour and he never stopped. I am hoping to get over there this Wednesday to watch him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Faces of Myatt

I thought that I would share a few of the sweet faces of Myatt from this morning. This little guy has been a true blessing to our family. I know many of our post from St. John's have been centered around the two big boys, but sweet Myatt is keeping us busy too. He just spends most of his time inside since it has been way to cold for him to play in the snow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Home away from home.

Here is a quick little video of our home here in Canada....

School Days in Canada

The boys had there first week of school. Drake is attending St. Bonaventure's and enrolled in 2nd grade. Last week he got to go in and have a sneak peek of the class and he said he was nervous. When your child says they are nervous, it makes mommy nervous. So Monday started with a nervous mom and child, but excited also. Dad met us at the school and all 5 of us went in and took him to class. Mrs. Spurvy his teacher was out sick, but the sub greeted us and said everything was ready for him. She had sat him next to a boy named Andrew, and his daddy works with Jess at the office. Drake and Andrew have become big buds. It seems like we were nervous for no reason. He has fit right in and is always so happy about school when I pick him up. They do a 7 day rotation and in those 7 days, 3 are gym days. On gym days he gets to wear his gym clothes all day. But above is pictures of him in his official dress. Which he whines about the tie, but wears it with a smile. Drake even gets to go ice skating during gym days. So know he owns his own ice skates and helmet. He said it is weird to ice skate, but he is doing so well. Carter keeps begging for ice skates, so I think we will be getting him a pair soon and will head to the local rink. Many people around here skate on the ponds, but it is warmer up so indoor we will go.

Carter is going three days a week to a school here called Early Achievers. The immerse him in letters, numbers, patterns, and flash cards. At first when we went to visit the school he said he didn't want to go back, but after the first day he loved it. He came running out and said that he had a blast and that he was getting super smart. The only downfall of his program is that it is in the afternoon from 1:30-4:30 so I get to do a lot of driving around. We live a little out, so I just can't run back home. We will make it work. Plus on Friday's Jess is doing all the pick ups for me. That makes me a happy mommy. Myatt and I can run home and nap in the quiet house with no extra feet running around.

So far everyone is happy with their school's. Next year Carter will be a Kindergartner at St. Bon's with Drake. Since the cut off here is Dec to be 5, he gets to go since he turns 5 in Oct. He is so excited about that, because he thinks Drake's school is the coolest since they ice skate. I honestly don't know if they do ice skate at Kinder, but he will be in the big school with brother all day, and my running will be cut down to twice a day.

One thing we are still trying to get use to is the changing of shoes. At both schools they have to wear a pair of boots, and then change and leave them in their locker or cubbie and put on other shoes so the floors won't get slick. When they go outside they change again, and again when they come in. So you have to juggle a ton of shoes and throw on the jackets and hats. I totally understand why they do it, but it still makes me totally frustrated. Something I will have to get use to....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's going on here??

If your interested to see what the area is looking like around here, check out this link...

Monday, March 7, 2011

A week in St. Johns

I can't believe that I have been gone from Texas a week. As I think about it, I get tears, but we are staring a new adventure in our lives here in St. John's. The kids are LOVING this place and it helps that there are lots of neighbor kids to play with.

The night we landed here it was cold and wet and I wondered where the heck we were. Honestly the home sickness hit and felt like I was so out of sorts. New place, no food, just out of my element. But Jess ran to town and grabbed McDonald's for the family. I was amazed at the price of our meal. $27 dollars for two burgers, fries, 1 happy meal, and then an order of nuggets. WOW! Can you say everything is expensive around here. I will def. be cooking every night. After full tummies we got in our Jammie's and headed to bed. The boys in there new rooms. Drake choose the football room, Carter the skateboard room, and Myatt has the monkey room.

Our first official day here stared with a morning blizzard. I woke up at 3:30 to nurse Myatt and the load snow blower came roaring by. Never had I ever heard that before. Everyone slept well and all the kids wanted to do was play in the snow, but it was way too windy and snow was blowing everywhere. We had to make it to the grocery store that morning since we didn't have food and that afternoon Jess had meetings.. So off we went. I think there were like 5 of us at the local store because of the crazy weather. But we made it, got the pantry stocked, which made for a happy mom. After lunch Jess left for meetings and since I couldn't stand the begging anymore I bundled the boys and let them play in the snow. In and out they went but they had fun and at the end of the day once the wind calmed down the neighbor kids came down and finished the snowman that drake started. So our time here stared out okay.

The weather got beautiful and we really started to enjoy this place. The boys have played their hearts out in the snow, staying hours on end. We got some hockey sticks and a goal since Drake is determined to learn to play hockey. And he stays out playing hockey till it is time to come in for dinner. Drake is also enjoying emailing his friends. That is keeping him busy at night as it takes him a while to type and a few letters have been sent without mommy checking them. I can only imagine what he said. LOL.. Carter is keeping up with the big kids since we really haven't found many friends his age. From what our neighbor says is that there are a ton of kids out here, but I guess they are inside in the heat, but not my two boys. Myatt is doing great and getting big. He is grabbing at toys, and doesn't like to be without his mommy. He is smiling all the time and started laughing at the boys. He is starting to mimic us and say OH and is so cute.. He makes us melt.

Friday night I got to met up with a few expats at a place call the The Gypsy Tea Room. I took a cab from home, and that made me nervous. I have never been in a cab by myself, but the guy was very friendly and reassured me that everyone on the island watches out for each other. That was nice to hear. The food was amazing at the restaurant . It was so nice to get to meet some neat girls around here. Also to pick there brains about things to do around here with the kids. I hope to definitely do it again soon. Plus Jess did great with the kids alone, even if they were still all awake when I got home.

Saturday was our exploring day. We got to drive around and see some beautiful places here. We also went to a local place to grab Drake some ice skates and a helmet since they ice skate during gym class. We grabbed lunch at a place called Boston Pizza and it was so yummy. I guess we are going to have to get used to Pepsi because so far that is what we are finding at a lot of places. I felt like I won the lottery on Sunday when I found a bottle Diet Dp at the local grocery store since they don't carry can Diet Dp. We also went to Signal Hill Saturday. Which is a historic site that celebrates the rich communications and military history of Signal Hill and sits amidst a spectacular view of St. John's and the sea. Signal Hill was the reception point of the first transatlantic wireless signal by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901, as well as the site of harbour defences for St. John's from the 18th century to the Second World War. It had amazing views, and is a place we will visit again.

Today is Monday and it was Drake's first day of school. It was gym day so he got to wear his gym clothes to school. But we had a tons of stuff to pack. A pair of gym shoes to stay there a pair of snow boots and then the coat. Man I don't know if I will ever get use to all the stuff. I was nervous when leaving him because I felt out of sorts, but he did so well. I could tell he was nervous but walked straight in and got to work. I am praying that he finds a buddy and has a wonderful day. This afternoon we are meeting with a school for Carter. He was made this morning cause he didn't get to go to school like Drake did. Hopefully this school will be the one and they have an opening that works. From what I heard you have to put your name on waiting list around here many years in advance. But we didn't have that sort of time, so we will see what we get...