Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Tuesday- Clean Teeth = Special Treat!

It was that time of the year for teeth cleaning.. Drake is a champ every time he goes, but does get a little nervous when it is time for those xrays. He takes after mommy and is a big gagger. But after that he is golden. Carter by every ones amazement is awesome also. I was so nervous the first time I took him, but nope shouldn't of worried. He was great. So proud of my big guys and they even talked me into Chuck E Cheese. How could I resist when they did so well at the dentist.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. These are from my phone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Monday- Horse Party

My cousin Stefanie had bought a 'horse party' at their church auction. She scheduled it for Monday of spring break and asked us to come and play with them. Carter and I were very excited about going out and see the horses, but Drake on the other hand was nervous. When I told him to grab the bike helmets he started questioning the idea of horse back riding. He asked if Carter could go first and then decide if he wanted to do it. He really thought that I was going to put him in an arena on top of a horse and let him go. Once he found out that someone was going to be walking the horse as they rode, he decided he wanted to do it. The boys sure loved it and asked me if we could talk daddy into getting a horse at the farm. I would sure LOVE that, I have a love of horses, but honestly it is a lot of work to keep up with one. After they road for 30 minutes, that got to learn about to stables and got to feed the horses carrots. We rode on a hay ride around the place and settled back in the party room for lunch. We had a wonderful day. We are sure glad that Stefanie and her girls invited us, we really had a great time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Starts- Sunday Rodeo fun!!

We played a TON of games~~
Roller coaster
They were in the 1st car.

Some of their big winnings through out the day.
Blue Ice Cream saved the melt down when he did not get to ride the below with Daddy since he was too little..
Daddy and Drake on the Crazy Mouse
Slide Fun with Mommy!
Pig Races.. I think we were the only ones going for the Aggie pig and he WON!

Stroller built for TWO!! or should I say TWO TIRED BOYS!

We had a blast on Sunday for a few hours at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We got there at 10:00 am when it opened and it was AWESOME!! There were no lines, no crowds, just us and a few others to ride a ton of rides.. Both boys had a few little sad moments, Carter couldn't ride a few 'big' rides that Drake and Daddy got to go on, and Drake didn't win a few games. It is amazing how different my boys are, even though they are cut from the same mold. Drake is my carnival game guy, he could play those games all day long, and Carter he wants to ride every ride he can and then do it again. We tried to play in the middle so everyone was happy for the most part. We had TONS of junk food, watched the pig races, and even ran into a few of our friends.. Everyone in our neighborhood had the same idea for Sunday. Around 2:00 the outside starting getting packed so we took a stroll inside to see the animals. We showed the boys the lambs and explained how both daddy and I raised lambs when we turned 8 up until high school. It is amazing how now we have 2 kids together, but 25 years ago we were in the arena showing lambs against each other in Bay City. MEMORIES!! We had a great day and it ended with two tired boys around 3:30. A blast was certainly had by the Richards Family.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboy Drake

Drake's Class with Ms. P his teacher

Doing the Chicken Dance

Drake with buddies Jackson and Xavier
Roping that Bull

The Clothespin toss into the boot..
He was the Big Winner!!

They had an obstacle course where the had to rope a horse at the end.
They ended they day with a story by the 'campfire'

Drake had a wonderful day at his Cowboy Ranch in 1st grade. It all started off at lunch, mommy and a few other moms got to cook hot dogs for the students. Drake's favorite meal was a great way to start off lunch. After that they got to have different ranching games. Drake's class started with an obstacle course. You had to wake up to the rooster, grab some eggs, fix a house, haul some hay, put the pigs in the pin and rope a horse. After that they went over to roping a bull. And then they did the clothespin toss. Drake was the big winner, because he got the most clothespins in the boot from a far distance. They did the chicken dance and that was funny. At first the boys wouldn't really participate, but then Ms. P decided to do a boys against girls chicken dance competition. The boys really got in to it and did a wonderful job. Drake said I couldn't show anyone the pictures of him doing the chicken dance, but it was too cute not to share. The day finally wrapped up with a story by the campfire read by his classmate, Kate's, mom. The kids were adorable all geared up in their 'YeeHaw' clothes I was so glad I got to spend the day up at the school with my biggest cowboy!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cowboy Carter

Carter and Mallari
Carter and Jack
Carter and Mason (which is his buddy and so sad they are moving)
Carter and his wonderful teachers, Ms. Wendy and Mr. McCloud

Carter had Cowboy Day at school. What fun it was. He and his friends looked SO CUTE!! Jacks mom, Selena, brought up horses and the kids loved it. The had a hot dog cookout, which Ashley greeted me at the door and said your boy can eat. Yes my kids love food like there mommy!! Carter was so excited about wearing his 'cowboy' clothes to school. We had to go buy him a hat, because he said every cowboy wears a hat. Thankfully without much bribery he posed for a few pictures before we left for school. YEEHAW Cowboy.

More baseball FUN!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out!

Well Lamar Little League has officially started. Our evenings as we use to know it are GONE! With Little League we have something three nights a week, and now that Carter will be starting TBALL, every night will be something, plus Saturdays. But it works for us and we love it.

Saturday was Opening Day for Lamar. It started with an early morning parade for the boys. Carter even rode this year, but he wanted to ride in the truck and wave from there. And then opening ceremonies at the center field. Then we stayed around to watch a game and headed home to get fully dressed for pictures. After pictures we got to jump, they have bounce house out there, and then watched a few other games before heading over to play ours. The boys played great. This year things have changed as we are playing Machine Double A. Faster ball, hard ball, and 3 strikes. They use to get 6 balls and could swing every time, but this time they get 6 balls or 3 strikes, whatever comes first. Each time Drake hit, but it was on that last strike, which made me one nervous mom.

Carter had a blast running around and playing with his buddies. He had tons of ice cream and Icee's. As we left the park he was crying for more ice cream. He was so tired and oh so sticky. They both climbed into the bath when we got home and I was amazed how black the water was we had to refill it. Dirty boys equal a fun day. Glad opening day is over..... Let the games begin.